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How to Make a Corkboard Scrapbook with Textured Papers

How to Make a Corkboard Scrapbook with Textured Papers

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Creating a memory board can be so much fun, especially with bringing up all those amazing memories. You can create a memory board for almost anything; a holiday, new baby, your first house, your wedding day etc. For each memory board, you will need different textured papers to suit the theme of the board and the room it will go in.

We will go through what you will need to make your corkboard scrapbook, what textured papers you could use, a step-by-step guide on how to make it, and some other ideas you might wish to add.


What You Will Need

To get started you are going to need the following:

  1. Corkboard – you can buy this cheap from the local supermarket or at an arts and crafts shop.
  2. Wood Pieces – You can get wood pieces shaped as hearts, people, letters, butterflies etc. They will look great when painted to give the board more depth.
  3. Clip Art – Adding clip art to your corkboard scrapbook will really bring a lot of fun to it. Choose clip art that matches the theme of the memory board.
  4. Twine – You can make your own miniature bunting to sweep across your scrapbook with twine which will look really pretty.
  5. Drawing Pins – This may be needed in places to look neater than the double sided tape.
  6. Glue Gun – You want those photos to stick on tight and flush to the scrapbook which is where the glue gun will really come in handy. You will also need it when it comes to adding your textured paper.
  7. Textured Papers – Choose which textured paper you want to add to bring your corkboard scrapbook to life.

What Textured Papers to Choose

Depending on what your corkboard scrapbook is for, you will want different textured papers. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your search:

  1. 4th of July Scrapbook – If you had a big party for the Independence Day celebrations and want to create a scrapbook for it, then you will be happy to hear that there is a collection of 4th of July textured papers.
  2. Christmas Scrapbook – Christmas is certainly something many people create scrapbooks for every year. To make your corkboard extra special this year, cover it with Christmas textured paper.
  3. First Met Scrapbook – Want to bring back those lovely memories of where you first met your loved one and your first date? Creating a scrapbook with the Affection Collection will be sure to do just that.

There are many more textured paper collections you can use for your corkboard such as the Africa Prints Collection if you went on a safari holiday or the Aged Maps Collection if you have been travelling.

How to Make the Corkboard Scrapbook

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create your very own corkboard scrapbook:

  1. Decide on the theme of your scrapbook and gather all your photos that you want to add to recreate that memory.
  2. Choose which textured papers and which clip art you wish to add to your scrapbook and go ahead and buy. You can find all the textured papers mentioned in this blog on the website.
  3. Once you receive your textured papers and clip art, it is time to place where you want your photos, textured papers and clip art to go on the corkboard. Lay them out on the corkboard without sticking anything down to visualize what it will look like first.
  4. Once you have decided where you want everything to go, use a generous amount of glue to glue down your photos to the chosen places.
  5. If you decide to go for the wooden pieces, make sure to paint them before pinning them to the board.
  6. Use your glue gun again to glue the top of the drawing pins. Once you have glued the tops, push them onto your wooden pieces and leave to dry. Once they are dry, you can then pin them through the corners of photos.
  7. You can then place your Clip Art in the spaces left on the corkboard to add further details and fun.

Other Ideas to Add

There are many more ideas you can do to add further fun and detailing to your scrapbook such as painting the corkboard itself. You can even stick real leaves and flowers to the corkboard to remind you of the places you have been or the holiday you went on. If you are creating a corkboard for a new baby then why not add keepsakes such as their hospital bracelet or their first curl. There really is no limit to what you can do with your corkboard scrapbook.


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