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Using Purple Floral Paper on Scrapbook Pages

Using Purple Floral Paper on Scrapbook Pages

Posted by Olivia Sum on

                Patterns have been incorporated for a wide variety of items, from rugs and dishes to upholstery and wallpaper. Patterns keep attention and add visual interest and appeal to these items, and do the same for scrapbook pages if they’re mixed well. There are 4 types of pages consistently used in scrapbooking: pictorial, geometric, motif and floral paper. Of course, this article will focus primarily on the use of purple floral paper in scrapbooking and provide some tips on how you can integrate them into your scrapbooks for a great look!


Choosing Floral Paper

                Floral paper carries a lot of meaning for many people, though there are just as many who simply love the look and feel of floral. Purple floral paper can make your page look bold, though it comes in many shades, patterns and scales to choose from. Selecting tone-on-tone florals work fantastically for background papers.

Lighter papers produce a soothing, comforting feel that can be paired with different motifs and textures. Colorful tone-on-tones work well to create appropriate backdrops for children and activities. To save time on shopping, simply keep a stash of different types of floral print scrapbook papers and motifs in your scrapbooking supplies.

Floral Patterns

                Floral patterned paper comes in a wide range of colors, styles, scales and densities. Of course, there are ways you can use the various appearances to create a beautiful scrapbook page that catches other’s interest. You can use purple floral paper and other colors to create color themes, or mix in other types of patterns as well! Large scale floral paper should be contained to smaller doses to avoid overloading the page.

Mixing Different Densities

                When you mix different densities, they need to balance out together. You can use repeating patterns with small floral prints mixed with sparsely placed floral prints for a feminine look. Regardless if your aim is a vibrant tone or a feminine one, you can achieve it by creating a mixture of densities on the page for a beautiful look.

Mixing Completely Different Scales

                Have you ever wondered how people get that beautiful look while using seemingly random motifs and photos? It’s all a matter of uniting them through a single common item. You can use two large floral motifs in different tones in a random pattern, and place a large block of purple floral paper that has a small motif in a random pattern. All of the colors, densities and scales are completely different yet they contain the tropical flower theme.

Mixing Patterns

                In case you thought you couldn’t mix patterns, you actually can! And yes, they will still look just as good in spite of it as long as they are united with a common color. They don’t have to be completely the same color, even just the appearance of the same color in each of the patterns can help balance the overall look. For example, you can mix abstract purple floral prints with shades of neutral colors for a cool look.


Mixing Colorful with Tone-on-Tone

                You can colorful floral prints to back up your tone-on-tone papers in an interesting way. You can pair greens and yellows with blue-on-white for vintage look. Purple floral paper works as a great backdrop when mixed with ledger paper for a journalistic look. Mixing different shades of purple floral paper creates a tone-on-tone look that you can pair with one or two solid colors can create a fascinating look for your page that allows the different colors to stand out.

Embellishments for Floral Paper

                If you want to experiment with purple floral paper, or other types of floral prints, and embellishments, consider matching them through color or appearance. If you pair a floral print of small, compact flowers with simple, large-scale floral motifs, you can create a more feminine feel. You can produce a masculine feel with floral prints if you mix colors into the patterns, such as dark greens and neutral blues and brightly colored floral prints.

                Don’t take the chances for creative memory-keeping for granted! You can pair floral patterns with a wide variety of different patterns and colors for a great and unique look. If you want, you can even pair them with pocket pages. Pocket pages let you have extra sheets in between pages, and can be used for pictures, memorabilia or even simple journaling about the pictures or event! They’re a neat addition to scrapbooking as a whole, and it makes for a great way to keep things organized.

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