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Matching Maple Leaf Paper to a Scrapbook Theme

Matching Maple Leaf Paper to a Scrapbook Theme

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Maple leaf paper can provide valuable perspective and enhancements for a variety of different themes for your scrapbook! Whether you are from Toronto, or a fan of the Maple leaf, or even simply a fan of the tree, maple leaf paper can work right in with it! Maple leaves have different meanings depending on the region of the maple tree. Japanese maple leaves, for example, are known as a symbol of patience, determination and change.

Sugar Maple, or Canadian Maple, leaves represent connectivity, unity and wisdom. Leaves, as well as trees, have always embodied hefty symbolic meanings in life, stories and imagery. Trees change, provide safety from danger and resources. Trees are used in family trees, lasting relationships and big changes for the good.


Some awesome Maple Leaf paper themes

Turning Over a New Leaf

Turning over a new leaf means creating and experiencing huge changes that are pushing our lives toward the better. You can create scrapbook pages using maple leaf paper that adheres to the broad theme of making a change. You can use photos that show change, such as autumn leaves or graduating ceremonies. If you or a loved one has recently faced a struggle, and had to change for make it complete, you can celebrate their success by gifting them with a beautiful maple leaf paper scrapbook that provides encouraging words and phrases. Use a ribbon to represent the shiny, new life that is waiting for you.

Putting Down Roots

Maple leaf paper can serve as a great basis for a scrapbook all about a budding relationship in your life. Putting down roots can mean a variety of things however. You can document the purchase of your first home, where you first dig down deep to start your new life. Use nature-inspired brushes to create roots encircling around the photographs. Putting down roots is great for photos after weddings, newborn children and other major events that one takes in their life as they progress. Find other symbols that may represent the new roots set down in your life to strengthen the overall theme.

Family Tree

In those rare events when you have 3, maybe even 4 or 5 generations in a single photo, it is often pretty tempting to create a family tree themed scrapbook page! The center photo being the wonderful group photo, and smaller photos of the other family members in various positions. You can create a backdrop of a large maple tree, along with maple leaf paper, to create a gorgeous “family tree” to decorate with the photos. You can create one large family tree, or incorporate an overall tree feel across several pages for a thoroughly enforced theme. Use maple leaf patterns to back the photos on the tree limbs, creating a genealogical effect that will be appreciated by a majority of viewers.

Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey

For those Toronto fans, hockey fans or maple leaf fans, maple leaf paper is a great way to show support for your favorite hockey team around! Use compact patterns of maple leaves to create a backdrop of hockey photos for your hockey stars, or to keep photos from the last hockey game you enjoyed. You can incorporate symbols like hockey helmets, skates and pucks to strengthen your hockey themed scrapbook page. Be sure to choose colors that are well suited to the Toronto maple leaf, as well as to the photos you’ve placed carefully across the page. Create borders using patterned hockey paper that can outline and set the photos apart from the maple leaf paper background.

Sturdy and Strong

Trees, forests, maple leaves and other imagery is commonly associated with a strong foundation, strong limbs and sturdy backing. Create a strong and sturdy scrapbook page theme using maple leaf paper and the appearance of strong tree limbs stretching across the page. Create the sensation of falling maple leaves by using die cuts or stamps to drop them down a line. You can use inking pens and paints to enhance the overall strength theme, as well as tying in photos that display the strong, fearlessness of your children or family. For a less masculine look, you can choose feminine colors or imagery to display the same basic theme.

Maple leaf paper can be found online for free, as well as for fairly inexpensive. Using maple leaf paper is highly effective to display themes such as intellect, unity, strength, change, determination, interconnectivity and patience. Maple leaves are beautiful, and symbolic for a wide range of themes! Use them for yours and see what else you can do!

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