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Rock Wedding Floral Paper Flowers for Your Wedding

Rock Wedding Floral Paper Flowers for Your Wedding

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Paper flowers is an interesting way to add a playful air and personality to your wedding decorations. They’re inexpensive, and allow you a lot of room for creativity. Wedding floral paper is a fairly common type of scrapbook paper to use for a variety of décor, from large stems for the flower girl to floral vines circling the ceremony and the fragile flower napkin rings. There are so many different ways to incorporate these non-traditional blooms, and creative couples have been going wild taking advantage of their uniqueness.


Ways to Incorporate Wedding Floral Paper Flowers for Your Special Day

  1. Paper Boutonnieres

Boutonnieres can run pretty expensively, and creating paper flowers are a great alternative. You can use them to enhance the theme for a vintage, rustic or romantic wedding. Wedding floral paper flower boutonnieres, for example, can be wiped with water for an additional rustic feel to the romance. Katie with A Handcrafted Wedding created a post about how she made book page flowers for her boutonnieres, a technique that is well-suited to using with other types of paper as well. Lia Griffith made a similar post on creating paper flower corsages and boutonnieres.

  1. Paper Flower Bouquet

Paper flower bouquets are beautiful, and can be made to look extremely realistic. You are also free to use patterns, such as wedding floral paper. Regardless of your choice, you can use the paper to make all types of different flowers for your bouquet. Lia Griffith has a beautiful tutorial to help soon-to-be’s make paper Easter lilies for your bouquet, as well as this post for creating watercolor paper tulips. FabArtDIY created a tutorial to show you how to create a simple paper flower ball from creating the flower to putting it together.

  1. Paper Flower Ceremony Backdrops

Flower ceremony backdrops are gorgeous, but expensive. You can create paper flower backdrops that are charming, inexpensive and personal. There’s a lot of different options you can take when creating a paper backdrop, as you can see from here. Maven Bride posted 10 different paper flower backdrops you can create to add some flair to your wedding. You can get even more ideas from the Tip Junkie post on paper flowers.

  1. Paper Napkin Rings

Napkin rings are the final touch to setting up the dining tables. Each placement setting should have a napkin ring along with it. You can make beautiful napkin rings with wedding floral paper. There are many different styles and options, so no two handmade napkin rings are alike. You can follow Elli’s tutorial on creating amazing paper rose napkin rings by hand complete with detailed photographs of each step.

  1. Escort Cards

Escort cards are the first thing wedding guests come across to find their table. You can find a number of fantastic ideas to provoke your creativity, as well as template, on The Knot to suit any style of wedding. One thoroughly interesting post by Project Wedding explains in detail how you can create posies for your escort cards.

  1. Ceremony Arches

    Paper flower archways are a neat way to show your style during your big day. Create colorful, giant blooms or soft, subtle roses for your wedding floral paper archway. Elizabeth Anne was kind enough to combine 10 creative paper flower backdrops in a single post, along with some explanation of how you achieve it. Ruffled Blog created a beautiful paper flower archway using coffee filter and tissue paper flowers.

    1. Paper Flower Girl Basket

    Give your flower girl something unique to share with your guests by making your own paper flower girl basket. You can use just about anything you think would be most suited to your overall wedding theme. If you’re going for a rustic feeling, you can brush wedding floral paper with water and let it dry to give an older feel. If you’re after vintage, there are many different vintage scrapbook papers that would do perfectly. You can base yours off of Mel’s recipe for the flower girl’s basket, and fill it with beautiful paper flowers that you can create using your own tissue papers or other types of papers.

    When you create wedding floral paper wedding decorations you have a full range of creativity, and can use just about anything for it! Whether your wedding is on a budget, or you simply want to add your own personal flair to your big special day, paper flowers are a great way to decorate your tables, walls and flower girls.

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