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Vacation Scrapbooking with Palm Leaf Paper

Vacation Scrapbooking with Palm Leaf Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Palm leaves seem to give off a tropical, holiday feel, especially for those hot summer days at the beach. Palm leaf paper can be a great way to strengthen your theme while enhancing your summer photos with bright, colorful greens and yellow-greens. You can typically get palm leaf paper in packages of several sheets for either free or a very inexpensive rate. With the wide range of palm leaf paper available, you can create wonderful, personal themes that are directly relatable to your life, as well as the things you did on vacation.


Pairing Palm Leaf Paper with Photos

The sky is the limit when it comes to scrapbooking and decorating. You can use whatever paper you like in whatever way you like! It’s one of the greatest things about scrapbooking. When it comes to scrapbooking for vacation photos, you can use palm leaf paper for a number of different purposes.

Palm leaf paper pairs beautifully with beach photos, landscape imagery and other types of pictures. You can find sophisticated, neutral colors in palm leaf paper, as well as vibrant, bubbly colors.

Create a banner using palm leaf paper in a very simple way. You can find a free palm leaf cut out template here. Simply cut along the dotted line using a yellow-green piece of scrapbook paper. Use a green pipe cleaner to create a stem. Pin it to the scrapbook paper using a button, sticky tack or glue. Use deep green ink to trace out the leaf veins, adding a little bit of detail to the paper. You can arrange them however you’d like, though one suggestion is to fan them out from the same point. Affix lettering across the “banner” using die cuts or other decorations.

You’ll be able to find palm leaf paper that come in a variety of styles. You can find gorgeous, abstract images that have a single, large palm leaf across the paper that you can pair with bright photos using darker borders to make the images really pop. For those more musically inclined during the beachy vacation, you can find a few different palm leaf papers that offer musical accents. These are perfect for photos from a beach party or concert, or even spring break or other occasions! For a more neutral tone, you can use this gold palm leaf paper that offers texture and dynamic interest to the page.

Enhancing the Vacation Theme

Palm leaf paper gets the vacation theme going, though there are many things you can include while scrapbooking to further strengthen your theme and storyline. You can use simple, palm leaf stamps or more detailed pieces of art, such as shark embellishments or swimming decorations.

Include a vacation themed saying or quote across the page, as well as a journaling entry to express the fun and activities you enjoyed. You can incorporate motifs and buttons to further enhance the vacation feel and tie everything together with the palm leaf paper background. For neutral backgrounds, choose embellishments that further complement the photos and background.

You can incorporate memorabilia from the vacation in your scrapbook. One way you can use memorabilia to strengthen your vacation scrapbook page is to bring a little bit of the sand from the beach back home from you. Apply some glue to the page, and sprinkle the sand over the glue like glitter! You’ll add texture, dimension and a little bit of a beach feel to the page. Sometimes the sand even gives the page the scent of the area you and your family or friends vacationed! Be sure to have plenty of photos of everyone who came along!

Vacation scrapbooking is a fun way to ensure that each trip is well documented. Take plenty of before, during and after pictures to strengthen the story line in your scrapbook. Use the before photos to display the excitement everyone felt on the road before they reached the spot. Show the fun, joy and activities that you enjoyed while there. The after photos are great for showing how exhausted everyone was on the ride back home! You can have everyone sign the scrapbook afterwards, or make their own little note about the vacation to personalize it further.

Use palm leaf paper when you want to generate a strong, vacation theme. It’s most suited to beach photos, summer photos, travel near water or forests, and similar events. Incorporate palm leaf themes into the page to strengthen the overall story and ensure that everything complements really well.

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