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Ways to enhance your Leaves Paper Theme

Ways to enhance your Leaves Paper Theme

Posted by Olivia Sum on

If you want your scrapbook to have appeal on a variety of levels, you’ll want to provide interest through textiles, visuals and dimension. When using leaves paper a little bit of texture can be just the way to create the dynamic backdrop that will complement your pictures.

Depending on your overall layout and theme, you should choose a simple symbol that can be present across all mediums of the page. If leaves are present on the paper, and in the photos, as well as on the decorations, it can complement everything really well. However, mix things up a little through color, leaf type and density of patterns.


Leaves Paper: Many Ways to Use and Enhance

There are many different ways that you can enhance your photos and background. Paper leaves can be difficult to make with just the right texture. Did you know that you can stamp a real leaf’s texture onto paper to create your own leaves paper? You’ll need a few leaves that aren’t too dry that have plenty of texture and good veins. Using a sponge brush, paint craft paint thinly onto the leaf’s back to create a “stamp”. Set the leaf onto the paper, and press it into it. You can create leaves paper that have different leaf sizes, shapes and colors using this free technique!

Break up boxy layouts using a vibrantly colored piece of patterned paper. You can use it to create bordering around the layers, or set it as the base background. Say you have some photos of your young children playing in a pile of crisp fallen leaves. You want to enhance the feeling of playfulness.

You could use a fall colored zig-zag patterned paper to create a base background. You can provide a feeling of motion using the leaf stamp from above. One way to secure the memory is to use the leaves from the pile to create leaf clusters in the background for embellishments. Another option would be to use leaves paper as the background, and create borders for the photos using fall colored patterns or nature-inspired brushes.

Mix and match a variety of leaves paper to put an emphasis on the leaf theme. Create striped leaves paper using strips of paper with large-scaled leaves, smaller-scaled leaves, high density and low density, and various autumn colors to create a thematic background that is well-suited to house your photos.

Decorate the page with leaf embellishments, and a ribbon in a shade that complements your pictures. Think about photo placement, and be sure to leave plenty of space for journaling about the day. Don’t forget about banner placement, as well as buttons and other embellishments that can be used to strengthen the theme.

Use neutral shades of leaves paper to create different types of effects on your photos! If your photos are vibrant and colorful, neutral shades can darken them. If you want to make the colors the main focus, you can use contrasting colors or brighter colors in a variety of ways to enhance the colors.

You can pair black and white photos with bright colored paper to create a sharper effect, or use neutral shades to give the page a more somber feel. Your choices in colors and patterns are an important aspect of creating art that you enjoy and feel specifically address the memory.

Using Leaves Paper to Create Paper Leaves

You can use leaves papers to make your own paper leaves to add to the decorations for a scrapbook page. Not only are there are a number of different leaves you can find on leaves scrapbook paper, but there are a vast range of types of leaves you can cut out to create your paper leaf. You can mix leaf types by cutting out, for example, a maple leaf using great oak tree leaves paper, or you can match the pattern to the cut out! You can make them look vintage using water and a paint brush, giving them an older feel and look.

You can find a variety of leaves cut out prints that can help you to create homemade decorations for your scrapbook pages. Try painting them in different shades of fall colors and attaching them to the edges of your title banner for a cool look. Use smaller leaves paper cut outs to create directional arrows toward your most prominent focal points. Paint around the edges of different photos to create a feeling of motion and falling to further enhance the theme.

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