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Simplify Pocket Scrapbooking with Damask Paper

Simplify Pocket Scrapbooking with Damask Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Pocket scrapbooking is a fairly simple, yet innovative form of memory keeping. There are a number of elements that make the new version of scrapbooking highly popular. You can use cards to tell the story of the day, as well as to display all your favorite pictures in a simple, elegant style. There’s a variety of ways you can use pocket scrapbooking, and more ways are being discovered regularly as Project Life climbs in popularity. You can pair damask paper with other types of scrapbook paper in combination with pocket scrapbooking.


Ways to Simplify Pocket Scrapbooking

Keep yourself from getting overwhelmed by focusing on the stories first. Emphasize the storytelling, and focus less on the overall design of your pocket pages. By focusing on the words and photos, you don’t have to worry so much about the way it looks.

Don’t treat embellishments as necessities. They aren’t exactly required to create an excellent pocket page. Rather, use them in the end to create a balance of imagery. Minimize the number of embellishments you use to ensure a clean look that draws the eye to each aspect of the page.

Get creative with it! You don’t have to make your pocket pages in a specific way, and there certainly isn’t a “wrong way” to do it. Just think about what you like in a scrapbook, and the way you prefer doing it, and create an approach that suits those needs. Some people prefer a more organized look while others like the thrown together approach. Still others like to combine pocket pages and scrapbook layouts.

Keep your shopping in check. Having too many options can create an overload of creativity, making it difficult to start and even harder to actually finish the project. Simplify the overall process by controlling your shop time.

Be picky! Different pocket pages are better suited to different types of memory-keeping projects. Choose pages and materials that offer the best format for the project you have in mind. You can pair a 6x8 pocket page with a personal creative journal, for example.

Think about trying new uses for the pockets! You can document every day moments, but you can also use them as a highlight reel over periods of time. Select the best photos from each time frame, and display them with pride. You can use it to show how much your child or grandchild has grown over their lifetime. You can create albums about your own first decades.

Find new opportunities, and consider the possible challenges that can arise with pocket pages. You can use pocket pages as a means of storage to keep memorabilia in check, such as artwork from your children or different items you’ve collected. Some people use them as a way to document the concerts and shows they’ve gone to see, while others manipulate them to keep track of cards they may receive.

If you need to, you can always ask family members to help you with the process. Consider giving each of your children a sheet of damask paper, and allowing them to journal for the card slot. You can give them a journaling project on your pets, or the birth of one of their siblings.

Use an organizer to keep your journaling cards organized and easy to search through. You can make your own, or order one on Etsy. If you choose to make your own, jazz it up and make it clear it is for scrapbooking supplies only by refurbishing the exterior of the organizer with damask paper.

Experiment with digital pocket scrapbooking. There are three approaches that digital scrappers can take. The first is the traditional one, which simply uses a grid-like page that translates to digital layouts. You can use a hybrid-form which involves printing your journaling straight onto the cards using a 8.5x11 paper through your printer. The final method is an all-out hybrid: chose your digital journal card and journal, re-size for printing and order a rounded corner 3x4 print. They slip straight into the pocket scrapbook, leaving you with plenty of free time and beautiful photographs in your pocket scrapbook.

Pocket Scrapbooking

Pocket scrapbooking is essentially a smaller version of scrapbooking. You use a page that contains slots for pockets, which can hold cards, photographs and even memorabilia. These pocket scrapbooks can be carried about with you, or organized based on their content and stashed away with your other scrapbooks. They are perfect for showing off different aspects of your and your loved ones lives.

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