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Mixing Pocket Pages with Scrapbook Pages and Vintage Floral Paper

Mixing Pocket Pages with Scrapbook Pages and Vintage Floral Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Pocket pages may be all the rage, but that doesn’t mean the standard scrapbook page has gone extinct. You can still make 2-5 pagers using standard pages and pocket pages for an interesting look.

They are very simple to make, look amazing and offer a lot of flexibility in how you can organize and set everything up. You can create basic pages, sandwich style ones, photograph packed pages, journaling and plenty of other unique looks and feels! Assembling differently styled pages is a lot of fun and lets you play around with different colors and patterns, including the evergreen vintage floral paper.


Styles of Pocket and Standard Scrapbooks

You can sandwich pocket pages between two standard pages to create a story-like scrapbook that feels like it has a beginning and an end. Decorate the exterior pages using embellishments, and choose a photograph to serve as the “starting photo” on the back of the scrapbook cover. Work in some vintage floral paper to give your scrapbook a classy look and feel. Use a piece of pretty paper to give your pocket page a “title”, and slip in all the photos that you want to go in! You’ll have room for numerous photos, journaling, memorabilia and decorations.

Use your pocket pages for journaling, and the standard scrapbook pages to hold all the photographs you want included. If you have a particular set of photographs that have major stories, and smaller stories, you can pair standard pages with pocket pages to create a more organized scrapbook.

Simply take two standard vintage floral papers, and set up the photographs in a way that works well together. Slip a narrow pocket page in between, and fill the pockets with stories. You can use the front and back side of the pocket page to ensure that nothing is skipped over!

You can create a basic scrapbook page that has pockets. You can use the pocket page to distinguish between the numerous small, related yet separate stories that must go with the photographs on the standard scrapbook pages. Don’t over-fill the standard pages with photos. If you need more space, simply add additional pages to pick up the slack! You can place pocket pages in between each page to allow you to tell the stories with the photos. You can include memorabilia in the pockets or on the standard pages.


Have you ever wanted to fill a scrapbook page with nothing but photographs? Have you ever wondered how you would tell the story while keeping a massive number of photographs? Well, now it’s really easy to fit numerous photos onto a single page without losing out on parts of the photo or the stories. Sometimes you need to use more photos, especially if it’s of a special place and time that you’d never be able to get back. These types of scrapbooks allow you to cherish each terrible photograph in a simple way. Certain events may need several standard pages and pocket pages to tell the full story.

You can create a backward scrapbook that opens to show the pockets and, as you progress, you end with the standard page. This strategy is particularly suited to those times when your main photograph is facing the wrong way. Move your pockets to the front, and set your main photograph as the ending finale to fix the problem!

You may need a smaller page protector for the first page to allow a look at the page that rests just behind it. It’s often best to use one that has 2 4x6 slots at the top, though it depends on the size of your photos. You can buy a variety of pocket pages that are well suited to be mixed with vintage floral paper, as well as other types of standard pages.

Should You Switch to Pocket Pages?

Though pocket pages are highly popular, not everyone uses them nor wants to make the change. However, pocket pages offer even more flexible options to creative memory-keeping that may spark a fire under many scrappers who feel passionately about their hobby.

They are cheap, effective and useful! There are many different ways to put them to work, and many people are finding new ways to use them every day. It can make your scrapbook more exciting, more organized or more legible, while also allowing you to journal more thoroughly through the scrapbook medium. To save yourself time and energy, take advantage of the pocket page.

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