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Winter Scrapbook Paper for Themed Embellishments

Winter Scrapbook Paper for Themed Embellishments

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Winter scrapbook paper provides a number uses for the average scrapper, from creating unique and interesting backgrounds to forming geographic shapes and winter-themed embellishments. You can use it to decorate die-cuts, or to make adorable winter cards! You can create a lot of different things from winter paper, including awesome themed embellishments that will bring your full scrapbook page together in completion. Create your own themed embellishments using the advice below!

DIY Winter Themed Embellishments with Winter Paper

Use winter scrapbook paper to create intricate little snowmen for a great winter themed scrap page. Karen, from Real Life in Pictures, used a music sheet stamp to add a little festive music feel to the snowmen, however you can choose to winter paper that has patterns or anything else that you may like! You can create them using die cutting files or templates printed off, and then decorate them as you see fit! Tie a cute green ribbon around his neck for a scarf, and paint on his coal eyes and carrot nose. Karen hung hers from the Christmas tree, but you can glue them down to your scrapbook page to embellish the theme and enhance the photos.

Eric Pike has a wonderful tutorial on creating gorgeous, glittered snowflakes. While they used them for ornaments, you can choose a color of glitter that suits your winter scrapbook paper to give your scrapbook page a whole new dimension of interest. The basics include using some card stock, snowflake craft punches, glue, a paintbrush, some glitter, silver cords and beads and a ribbon. Follow along his instructions to create a cool glittery snowflake. You can create small clusters of snowflakes by pairing one large snowflake with several smaller ones. Use them to draw the eye toward special photos or to create borders around them.

For those who don’t have a snowflake craft punch, you can use a very simple tutorial to create basic snowflakes in varying sizes. You can change the way you cut the winter paper to create different looking snowflakes, as well as snowflakes in varying sizes. Start by turning the paper into a diamond, and folding it “hotdog style” and the other way to create the crease, leaving it folded the second time. Fold it in half, and then fold the point down. Cut shapes out of the winter paper and unfold it! Click here for the full tutorial image.

A reindeer is always a good symbol for the winter months. You can create a little Rudolph embellishment for your winter page by following Alex’s tutorial. Create a small owl shape using brown winter paper and gluing or hand-stitching little feet and ears to the owl shape. Trim out the ears in the same brown color, along with the paws and inner ears. Don’t forget to include a small snowflake shape that can serve as his antlers, as well as feet and the wreath. The Rudolph embellishment would be perfect when paired with Christmas morning photos or images of Christmas lights.

Create roses and flowers using winter scrapbook paper to add a romantic air to the photos. Vicky Alberto from Canada has a great tutorial that can help even the worst paper flower maker to create a lovely winter rose to include in their scrapbook. You’ll need glue, glitter, paintbrush, pen and a foam mouse pad. Choose a deep blue winter scrapbook paper and use chunky glitter to create a frosted over look and feel for the flowers. Use glue dots or a glue stick to have them sturdily placed in your scrapbook. They may work best when used on the front cover, though they can be included on the inside of the scrapbook.

Pairing Winter Scrapbook Paper with Embellishments

If you choose to use patterned winter scrapbook paper, consider the activity portrayed in the photos you’ll be using on the page. Choose patterns that have a connection to the embellishments that will be used, as it’s best to establish an overall theme across the scrapbook. If pairing a pattern with frosted roses, you can choose to pair it with a winter scrapbook paper pattern that features snowflakes or gives a frosty appearance. For a more romantic feel, you can incorporate the feeling of fresh snow by using a lacey border across the bottom. To add brightness, you can include some colorful stripe patterns for the backing of different photographs.

You can find many free downloadable templates for different winter scrapbook paper embellishments. You can create snowmen, Santa’s, snowflakes, mistletoe and so much more.

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