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Using Frozen Scrapbook Paper for Scrapbooking

Using Frozen Scrapbook Paper for Scrapbooking

Posted by Olivia Sum on

In a highly popular Disney animation film, Frozen displays an adorable storyline of two sisters pulled apart by a curse and brought back together again at the end. Some of the most memorable characters in Frozen can be found on Frozen scrapbook paper online for free. You can find ones that have Princess Elsa, Princess Anna, Kristoff, the iceman, Sven, his reindeer, and Olaf, the snowman.

Like many Disney movies, the theme primarily follows pure, simple ‘love’, which will thaw out Anna’s heart, frozen by her sister, Elsa, by mistake. You can use Frozen scrapbook paper for a variety of themes, from childhood photos to princess-themes to love and romance.


Different Ways to use Frozen Scrapbook Paper

                Create a playful winter theme using Frozen scrapbook paper paired with winter paper. You can find a wide range of free Frozen templates online to use for your own layouts! Beatrice Guzman, blogger and scrapper, created a gorgeous layout using the Frozen theme. The very basis of the scrapbook page is a contrasting, neutral snowflake pattern paper with the Frozen scrapbook paper placed atop it in a large square. She created placements for the photos using some light blue patterns, and placed a few die cuts of the characters in excellent placements. A few snowflakes, and a little button, pulled the full layout together.

Is your child a huge fan of Frozen? Show off their birthday photos with a Frozen-themed scrapbook! Display your top favorite photos from their big day with a banner across that announces their age. Incorporate some snowflakes to keep the Frozen theme flowing. You can use basic scrapbook paper as the base of the project, and incorporate strips of Frozen scrapbook paper for a mixed and interesting look. Add texture using glitter or die cut embellishments that seem to pop up from the page.

For snowy day photos, you can use Frozen scrapbook paper to create interesting, playful borders around the photos. ‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’, for example, would be perfect around a few siblings as they play in the snow together. Use an Olaf template to create die cuts of Olaf to stand off to the side. You can use the mountain from the movies in the background to create an interesting landscape background across the page. You can get glitter directly inspired by Frozen to decorate the page as well!

For those pages that only need one photo, you can incorporate Frozen scrapbook paper with interesting winter-like patterns. Melissa, from Scrapbook, shared her work of art. She used a base diagonally striped pattern paper that had alternating colors in shades of green, blues and purples. She placed a fussy cut rounded piece of blue and light blue polka-dot pattern paper atop that. She topped the photo with a strip of snowflake themed polka-dots, an Olaf embellishment and the Frozen logo across the top!

Pulling the Frozen Theme Together

You can incorporate a range of different scrapbook papers to create a thoroughly balanced theme that works well with Frozen scrapbook paper. You can pair paper that features the castle in the background with earthy browns, neutral and cool grays and lovely teal shades to make winter themed photos really pop.

Tie in Frozen quotes or sayings that are suited to the moment! Are your children running through the snow? Do you have photos of your pets as they frolic across the freezing ground? Use embellishments like Olaf or Sven to display a playful, almost childlike feel to the page. If you’d like to elaborate on the romantic theme, you can use heart shapes, lighter colored ribbons and stickers.

Use Frozen scrapbook paper that has the two lovebirds on it, and glue a strip of pretty ribbon across the top to create a banner for the title. You can stitch, ink or embellish lettering across the ribbon for a cute, romantic banner that adds to the overall page. You can even use Frozen scrapbook paper for wedding photos, or family photos. The paper’s flexibility is great for those of us who love to use certain types of scrapbook paper for special occasions.

There are so many options when it comes to scrapbook paper that finding unique and alternative uses for Frozen scrapbook paper isn’t even that difficult! You can use it to decorate your home, walls, cards, scrapbooks and even to create paper crafts, such as flowers. If you love to journal, don’t forget to leave yourself plenty of space for writing!

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