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How You Can Mix in That Floral Craft Paper

How You Can Mix in That Floral Craft Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Floral craft paper can be large, bold and bright or soft, delicate and subtle. They can set the mood a thousand different ways, depending on where and when they’re included in the pages. In general, floral craft paper is well suited for many subjects an can be used in big ways. Most people have specific papers that they save, year after year, just knowing it will be something they can use for a specific set of pictures that simply haven’t happened yet. You can put your floral prints to good use this year!

Tips and Suggestions for Floral Craft Paper

Find great themes to focus on with your floral print. Different patterns have different vibes that work perfectly for certain themes, locations or events. You can choose paper with a tropical vibe for a pair of photos in the sand for a perfect balance of themes! You can make your page more serious, yet with that personal touch, by combining a large floral motif with smaller pieces of patterned paper atop a solid piece of floral craft paper.

If your page is all about your pet, think about what they’re doing in the photos and how they’re acting before choosing to other patterns to use. A clock print would be perfect for naptime, or repeating little bones for a begging puppy. Combine these attributes with some floral craft paper cuts and you’ll be cooking with fire. For a mature, yet feminine, appearance, you can combine white, cream, black and floral craft paper layers with a photo atop it and some additional floral prints.

Get creative with your memory keeping, but save time by coming up with premade layouts to use for certain events or types of photos. You can borrow ideas and suggestions from fellow scrappers or simply put forth good old fashioned trial and error efforts. Whatever your style, preparing a layout ahead of time involves planning, sketching out the layouts and making notes of different patterns that look good together. Of course, be sure to take into consideration the density of the floral craft paper and other patterns, as well as how you plan to use colors, lettering and layers.

Never forget that you can alter prints, patterns and shapes as you please. You can trim down large shapes to put them together, you can make them bigger by combining many together or simply drawing larger copies. You can use prints or cards as mats or backgrounds, as well as top layers. You can mix a beachy theme with feminine colors for whatever you want. Some creative scrappers make their own backgrounds using gesso and mists, while others prefer to put together various patterns. Some prefer journaling, listing or simply putting together a single word on the page. Other people have dense packs of text on their pages, which they offset using large colorful flowers.

Themes that Combine well with Floral Craft Paper

Wedding themes always go beautifully with floral craft paper. As long as at least one aspect that isn’t the color is matching between everything and the paper, you can create personalized and beautiful invitations, thank you notes, seating cards, flower arrangements, wall flowers and other decorations, and many other things. Floral prints works beautifully as paper flowers, as well as for boutonnieres.

You can use floral craft paper to accent a new baby’s nursery, lining the bottom and tops of the walls with the pattern. Many people have put the paper to use as wallpapering, which allows for additional altercations and embellishments to personalize your new child’s bedroom. It’s easily removed, and you can put anything from little elephants and baby ducks to large, colorful letters atop the pattern.

Floral craft paper can provide the perfect backdrop to almost any type of card. You can use them to create personalized cards for numerous occasions, including graduation, a new home or child, getting married or having their birthday. All you have to do is used blank card stock, two sheets of floral paper and some embellishments to make a beautiful, personal card.

Use floral craft paper to decorate your home. You can create paper roses, flowers, signs, lettering and other crafts by hand. You can craft gorgeous paper lanterns to light up the house using any of these Pinterest tutorials.

Just have fun! Get creative and enjoy your hobby. The best way to make sure you continue to enjoy it is to make spare time, or save time by keeping all of your supplies organized and prepared.

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