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10 Winter Paper Layouts to Get Your Creativity Flowing

10 Winter Paper Layouts to Get Your Creativity Flowing

Posted by Olivia Sum on

                If you’re struggling with finding the best winter paper for your scrapbook, there are many ways to get the creativity flowing. For me, it’d be looking at all the different layouts and patterns and winter papers that are shared all over the web. From Pinterest to Scrapbook, you can find so many that it’s hard not to feel interested in putting something new together. Choosing your paper can take time, but it’s an important part of scrapbooking that needs to be attended to.

Choosing Your Winter Paper

                First, think about your scrapbook as a layout. Choose winter paper that is directly related to the photos you’ll be including, but tie everything together into a common theme. Many beginners create each page as an individual, however a scrapbook is typically 2 2-pagers. Creating a beautiful, articulate scrapbook starts in the appearance. Emphasize your theme, and find winter paper that makes your photos pop. You can tone down photos by pairing them with contrasting colors, and emphasize their colors using vibrant colors. Focus on the colors to create a background that will enhance and compliment your photos, rather than cause distractions.

10 Winter Layouts

  1. Girly Winter Paper

It’s number 2 in SuzyQ’s list of simple scrapbook ideas! She pairs adorable winter paper that says ‘snow-licious’ with bold pink and some lighter pattern paper to create a soft, feminine look mixed with winter feel.

  1. Hockey

Hockey is a beloved sport in the winter. Leslie Lightfoot used a digital template with dark and light blues and a hockey banner below to display her photos. She used some stars and dark colors as well.

  1. Simple Winter Paper layouts

Jennifer Wilson compiled a great way to create a winter-themed layout, and even let you in on the secret! She has many wonder winter themed papers that create different feels. One in particular uses snowflake pattern winter paper with neutral hues that bring out the photos really well.

  1. Let It Snow!

Joyful Daisy offered up a creative layout idea on her site. She paired some light colored zigzag patterned paper with some dark green squares for a box layout design. She used white pattern paper to create ‘snow’ across the bottom, and made a snowman and holiday tree with the leftovers.

  1. Winter Memories

Mary Ann Jenkins created a great ‘Winter Memories’ page using winter papers and plenty of winter themed accessories. She used one larger photo of her kiddo with a smaller one backed by two larger patterned winter papers in different scales. She paired these with some journaling, little mittens and snow flakes.

  1. Simple Winter

By Christiane, this layout is simplistic in feel but beautiful through and through. Christiane paired oval cut out frames with a couple boxy ones to create a geometric feel across winter paper with a simple dark color. A simple border and a couple of snowflake groups and it’s complete!

  1. You Melt My <3

From MPC, there is this adorable penguin winter paper that they created. It has cut out penguins that look soft and furry, as well as plenty of soft blues, greens and pinks. The colors pair perfectly, and the overall theme definitely follows a romantic, winter feeling.

  1. A Very Merry Christmas

Jana Eubank loves to share her scrapbooks. One she made was for Christmas in 2011. She paired winter paper across the bottom with lovely Christmas ornament paper on the top. She included a Santa embellishment and some Christmas trees with gifts underneath. She was able to include a lot of different pictures for the scrapbook, too!

  1. Our Menorah

Miss Mint created a menorah scrapbook page that displays the various aspects of Chanukah quite well. She used a pairing of lovely oranges, blues and greens to display her photos of the menorah. She chose to enhance the photos by matching the main surrounding colors in various shades of blue to the colors on the menorah. She included a part to journal about it off to the side, which adds to the overall elegant feel of the page.

  1. Vintage Winter Paper

In a gorgeous design by Robyn Werlich, she edited her photos black and white, and paired them with bold reds and blues to make them pop. She used vintage dictionary pages and lettering to create her own winter paper!

                Finding the best winter paper may seem like a challenge, but, as you can see, there are so many types out there! You can find a number of ways to make patterns work with different photos and to enhance certain themes.

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