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Thanksgiving Scrapbooking: Harvest Paper for your Background

Thanksgiving Scrapbooking: Harvest Paper for your Background

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Harvest paper can come in a wide range of appearances. They may have patterns, or be a solid color. They may use patterns that are diverse, varying in scale, density and size. There are pages that come double-sided, allowing you to choose different colors and patterns depending on the side.

You may find acorn patterns, or leafy ones depending on the harvest paper you aim for. If you plan to scrapbook this Thanksgiving, you may want to prepare ahead of time by having a healthy supply of harvest papers, and Thanksgiving-themed embellishments, stamps and other utensils. You can prepare layouts ahead of time, as well, to save time on scrapbooking!


4 ways to choose Harvest Papers that are ideal for Thanksgiving Photos

Since there is a wide range in the types of harvest papers you can find and use, you can keep an open mind and make tons of interesting layouts for your scrapbook. You can choose your paper based on different qualities that you may particularly enjoy.


If you choose to pick out your harvest paper based on color, you may want to seek out papers that come with Thanksgiving-themed colors. Some of the most common fall colors include orange and tan, however there are far more than work well when combined with others. The great thing about fall colors is they come in amazing, vibrant shades that can bring everything to life. There are beautiful apple reds, pumpkin oranges, earthy taupe shades and lush dark greens. These aptly capture the feeling of a bountiful fall harvest. Paper in these shades can create various moods, from romantic to warm to cool and more.


Patterns can be a great way to set the basis of your theme. There are a variety of ways to incorporate patterns in your scrapbook, from single patterns to many different ones combined together. You can find many that give that great harvest look on paper. Some patterns may display a variety of traditional

Thanksgiving foods paired together, while others may show turkeys or apples. Some scrappers enjoy stitching different patterns together to create interesting looks. Consider choosing one symbol that can be consistent across all the patterns you choose to use, such as the turkey, and have papers that exhibit a variety of scales, densities and colors.

Pattern Scale

Pattern scales are the different sizes that the pattern can come in. Some patterns take up close to the full page, while others can be miniscule and tiny. Different densities can bring out different emotions, appearances and focus points. Sometimes pairing patterns with very different scales can create an interesting look that works perfectly. You can pair large-scale harvest papers that feature foods with a smaller scale falling leaves pattern to create a more autumn feel throughout the page.

Pattern Density

Pattern density involves the amount of patterns that can saturate a spot. For example, you can find harvest papers that feature fall colored leaves that are closely packed together. You can pair these with other leaf harvest papers using densities that slowly spread out across the page to create a falling leaf feel. Some may prefer to pair denser harvest papers with simple large-scale patterns, such as arrows or leaves, while others incorporate a wide range of densities in their art.

Tips on Picking Harvest Paper

While choosing your patterns, colors and embellishments, think about it as a spread rather than individual pages. Creating an overall theme for all the pages in your scrapbook can help create a scrapbook that isn’t too busy and clashing. When selecting harvest paper, choose it to enhance the photos. The background isn’t the main priority of the page, you want people to look at the photos!

Choose your harvest papers based on how many photos you’ll be placing on the page. If it will be 1 or 2, choose paper that have more features. Try to keep a focus on color. Some choose to make their photos pop using colors that contrast, such as vibrant photos with soft, neutral background colors will tone down the photo. To keep them vibrant, use darker background colors to make them pop.

Always keep a focus on the overall theme! Choose paper that will tie in with the photos. If you have Thanksgiving photos, you can choose harvest paper that has ‘Thanksgiving’ on it or a pattern of different foods you may eat during the night. There are many different options to choose from when it comes to harvest paper, so find something you like!

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