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Creating Layers with Blue Floral Paper

Creating Layers with Blue Floral Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

You can create beautiful, elegant layers using blue floral paper in your scrapbook. Using various sizes, prints and colors can create varying degrees of visual interest. Of course, your layers depend on the basic theme or the choice of photographs on the page. Building the perfect page can seem difficult, but what people regularly forget: there are no rules in scrapbooking!

You can build your layout and page however you see fit. Using varying patterns can create a whimsical look that appeals to anyone you may show the scrapbook to. Make your decisions based on what you like and what you want to convey on the page.


Tips to Create, Mix and Layer with Scrapbook Pages

Use large pieces of blue floral paper for a background, and throw in a few smaller sized patterns. If you choose large-scale floral patterns for the smaller papers, you can use densely packed, smaller blue floral patterned paper to create an intriguing look.

Use patterns that you find appealing, and combine them with patterns you think look great. You can get started by determining your base colors for the base paper. Follow up by deciding the second layer’s colors and the third layer patterns. You don’t have to match the color patterns for the top two layers, as long as they match the base layer. The final layer is for accents, and you can include a third pattern to tie the other two layers together.

 Find at least one similarity that isn’t color for your different patterns, such as choosing all floral papers. You can use one that has densely packed daisies with one that has large-scale, spread out floral patterns. You can choose small floral prints mixed with large, leafy ones, or flip flop the other way around.

You can go a similar route by using subtle similarities, such as choosing to mix different patterns that hold a single, subtle similarity. One great example is to use a striped pattern that is accented with thin black lines and mix it with blue floral paper outlined in thin black lines. Throw those on top of a third pattern, such as blue floral paper squares, with the same thin black lines.

Get your color ideas from the internet! Advertisements, billboards and restaurants all use colors that appear enticing when they are combined. Red and yellow, for example, work beautifully together. Black and yellow, blue and black, purple and silver are all great color combinations that can create beautiful scrapbook pages. If you picture the scrapbook as an outfit, you can quickly create pages that look beautiful, and are well matched to one another.

If you have a particular pattern you want to use, and you can’t find the perfect match, alter it! You can use chalks to change the colors in the pattern. For example, say you have some yellow patterns that feature other colors. Your other page would go wonderfully, if not for the base white color. Just color in the white with yellow. If you’re using bright patterns, you can try making the edges white to soften the colors and make it appear more unified. If you find yourself struggling to match your pages, you can use texturized patterns, rather than color ones, to tie the different pages together through textiles.

You can find a great tutorial for creating beautiful, layered pages in your scrapbook from Paper Clipping. They provide detailed instructions on creating layered tags, lovely layered cover images and incorporating hand-drawn imagery in the scrapbook.

Getting Inspired

If you find yourself having trouble coming up with a cool idea for your scrapbook page, get creative! Go look around online at other people’s scrapbook projects. Look at the different aspects of the pages that were your favorite. You can pull these themes and ideas from their pages and display them on your own in a single cumulative piece.

Following different scrapbooking blogs can help you come up with different ideas and ways of doing pages that you may not have previously thought possible! As the world of scrapbooking grows larger, you have more opportunities to learn the different ways to enjoy memory keeping as a hobby! Not only that, but you can share your own ideas to inspire others!

Scrapbooking is a highly valued hobby that many people enjoy. It allows them to keep their memories in an easily managed way that is fun and creative. Scrapbooking is a great outlet for those who enjoy creating special memorabilia of their lives.

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