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Creating the Ultimate Harvest Background

Creating the Ultimate Harvest Background

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Harvest is typically something discussed in the fall. It’s the time when crops are ripe for the picking, from pumpkins to apples to corn. We celebrated Thanksgiving around the time of the harvest with the Native Americans, a tradition we continue to this day. When it comes that time, many scrappers are scrambling to create their perfect harvest background to hold a page of the best holiday photos.

There are many types of harvest backgrounds available as free digital downloads, as well as ones that you can create yourself using leftover scraps from the previous year, as well as other supplies in your stash. If you have a few different stamps that suit the fall theme, you can create detailed and eye-catching designs for your harvest background.


4 Ways to Make a Harvest Background Page

Whether you prefer to make your scrapbook in the traditional way, the digital way or the hybrid way, you can create an amazing harvest background that backs your page and adds to the look and feel. For those hybrid or digital scrappers, you can find an ample number of free digital scrapping supplies online. You can prepare and print these out to work on by hand, or create the full page on your computer using various stickers, banners and other features.

Combining Patterns and Papers

Create your own harvest background by intertwining multiple fall-themed patterns in fall colors. You can either find a downloadable version yourself, or simply find 5-8 different sets of similar patterns. Choose patterns that have at least one similar symbol or theme, though you are free to mix in striped patterns and other patterns as you please. Chop them into varying widths on photoshop, or by hand using scissors. If you choose to do it by hand, cut them into strips and stitch the pages together. You can also opt for gluing the edges together.

If you choose to do it on a computer, simply cut them on a photo editing software and attach them together. You can also use your printer to put all the strips together and create a single page out of it. This allows you to create multiple copies of your harvest background.

Using Stamps and Stickers

Using stamps and stickers is a great way to bring life into your scrapbook background. Choose carefully by looking at the types of images you’ve chosen for that particular picture. You can use half or the whole stamp in varying shapes to create different images and patterns across the page! Seek out stamps in shapes such as pumpkin, acorn, turkey, yams and more to create your harvest background layout. Create a pattern by placing them in carefully chosen spots across the page. You can use a variety of stamp shapes to create harvest background patterns that will brighten up the page.

Borders with Ribbons

Create borders using stickers or embellishments. One popular item to use for scrapbooking is ribbons! You can use ribbons to create strips, bows and other items that will add texture and atmosphere to your scrapbook page. Many people use ribbons to form borders around their most prominent photo, as well as to create additional dimensions for their images. Ribbons are highly flexible in how they can be used to elaborate the background. You can create harvest backgrounds using ribbons if you select the right colors. Choose different lengths, and don’t worry about aligning them perfectly, to create a unique, cool look!

Building Your Banner

Almost every scrapbook page can use a banner across it to create the layout title. You can use these to add even more flair to the background. Create your banner using buttons and scraps of patterned paper. Use stickers or die cuts to form the lettering and give your page an overall title that best fits the photos that you’ve chosen! ‘Happy Turkey Day’ is one common example to use above photos of the dinner table or the family as they gather for dinner.

Choosing the best embellishments, colors and other supplies is one of the fastest ways to ensure that you can create the harvest background that you want. Feel free to get creative and think outside the box! Use ribbons to form backgrounds, dotting them with stamps. Don’t forget to leave room for journaling if you plan to write about the day! Be sure to include the best photos from the occasion, include one that displays everyone who was there to enjoy the day with you.

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