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Fall Paper: Scrapbooking the Autumn Months

Fall Paper: Scrapbooking the Autumn Months

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You can use fall paper for a variety of crafts, from scrapbooking to a whole mess of other activities. There are many types of fall paper available that have different designs, themes and more. You can find a wide range of autumn scrapbook paper at that have adorable animals, leaves, raindrops, acorns, leaves and other adornments that are crucial to create fantastic works of art. You can use fall paper all year round for a variety of different projects. Be sure to choose designs that emphasize your photos without creating overtly busy and distracting imagery.


Fall Paper Scrapbooking Crafts

Fall paper comes in an array of styles, looks and feels! Choose your scrapbook paper based on the feel, look and overall idea of your photos, and arrange them in a way that emphasizes the subject. When it comes to scrapbooking during these cooler months, there are many major photo opportunities to consider beforehand! You can capture the change in the world around you, as well as high school homecoming, visits to the pumpkin patch, Halloween trick or treating and costumes, as well as football games or other activities. Bring your camera to them all, and choose your best of the best photos for your pages!

Are you more of a traditionalist? You may find more joy in creating single pages using one large photo and several smaller ones. Incorporate fall backgrounds such as leaves or apricorns for those adorable, playful photos for younger children, or for a more sophisticated look, use contrasting colors to create backgrounds that make the photos stand out from the page. You can pair a solid fall paper background with a solid piece of cardstock. Place photos in a grid-formation atop it with some patterned paper backing them up to ensure that each photo is given a focal point. Mix and match different patterns for a unique look.

Let yourself get really creative with your pages! Use leftover scraps from your supplies to create interesting, unique or relevant embellishments around the different photographs. Create borders using paper strips, mixing and matching different patterns or colors. Create a blocky look using geometric shapes and arrows atop fall paper for a one-of-a-kind look.

Tips and Suggestions for Fall Paper Scrapbooking

You may find that you’d do well to create a 2 page template for your fall photos. Not only do these types of layouts allow you to tell a full story, but two-pages are typically more forgiving for those not-so-perfect photographs. However, be sure to take photos that are portrait and landscape, along with plenty of detailed photos and bigger shots. If you’re particularly crushed for time, consider using Kraft fall paper for the background with some embellishments behind white bordered photographs.

Play around with different colors to create different fall-themes. Pair light colored fall paper with bright orange that sort of pops to bring out themes such as fall, color changes and pumpkins getting nice and ripe for the picking. These are flexible accessories that can add depth and interest to your page. Some photos look amazing when paired with yellow, gold or bronze shades in flowers and paint, while others are well suited to bold colors and patterns.

Colorful photos look incredible when paired with neutral backgrounds and some journaling. You can incorporate leaf stamps or patterns for a tied together look. Wood grain backgrounds can bring out bright shades of green and darker colors to create a sophisticated, youthful look across the page. Tie in some darker shades of orange and blue to create a balance of color. Adding theme elements can be a great way to add some playfulness to the theme, such as pumpkins, pine trees, owls and squirrels. Throw in a splash of paint to create a falling effect or to mimic movement and motion across the page.

In some cases, you can create a powerful image with a scrapbook page. If your photo has an overall leafy or grassy background, you can use it to create a blended look to allow the main subjectof the photo to pop. Pair colorful leaf piles with leaf patterned fall paper and emblems to create draw the eye toward the subjects in a unique way! Consider combining these with additional thematic elements, such as acorn stickers or die cuts.

Consider creating a checklist for larger events, such as Halloween or homecoming, before you get started! You can be sure to get all the photos that you wanted, from the classic date photo to dress photos to family pictures.

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