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Things You Can Do With Autumn Scrapbook Paper

Things You Can Do With Autumn Scrapbook Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Are you working on scrapbooks for those precious autumn photos? Using autumn scrapbook paper can add to the look and feel of the photos exponentially. There are many different types of autumn scrapbook paper to choose from, such as leaf patterns, pumpkin patterns and more!

Fall crafts are just one of the great ways that people enjoy memory keeping, and there are many different things you can use the papers for. Give people a scrapbook page to really enjoy by using a variety of dies, cards and other products with your overall design. You’ll need a range of supplies, such as cutters, stencils, scissors, inking supplies and, of course, plenty of paper and glues.


Autumn Scrapbooking: Crafts and Designs

Draw attention to smaller photos using groups of autumn themed embellishments. One common idea is to incorporate rows of buttons or leaves to capture the eye toward smaller images and photographs. Use die-cuts, buttons and stickers to create unique fall embellishments, like lions and pumpkins, to create great borders with a solid piece of autumn scrapbook paper backing them.

You can use anything you have leftover in your supply to create autumn scrapbook pages for free! Saving on costs is one way to ensure that you can continue creating amazing scrapbook pages without using too much for expenses.

You can create clever pages using autumn scrapbook paper and carefully placed photos to create a grid. Round out the corners of your grid to create a softer look against the autumn scrapbook paper, and to encourage a moving feeling throughout the page. However, don’t feel the urge to stick to a specific grid format! You are more than able to create overlapping embellishments in an attempt to break up the box-like style, and make it easier on the eyes. Incorporate some buttons and die cuts to add texture and feel to the page.

Give your page the look and feel of falling leaves in combination with autumn scrapbook paper for a solid, fall feel. Mess around with different, special embellishments, such as die-cut leaves, monochromatic buttons, patterned paper and journaling blocks to add oomph to the page. Consider stitching around the leaves to give them definition if your background is busier. Mix and match different size, shape and color of buttons while adhering to fall colors for an interesting look. You can use this idea for one large photo or several smaller ones for a classic look.

Do you like to have some texture in your scrapbook pages? You can create dimension on your page in a number of ways. Some prefer to hand-stitch around certain emblems and embellishments to make them stand out. One creative scrapper suggests creating circles on your autumn scrapbook paper and stitching sequins into it around the shapes. If you choose to pair a solid color background with embellishments, keep them simple and clean by limiting your colors and hues. Avoid an overtly busy background for these types of pages.

Make your own accents! There are a wide range of interesting accents that you can create using stock paper, stamps and acrylic paints on a variety of fabrics, die cuts and cardstock for a stitched look. Combine these accents with patterned paper and autumn scrapbook paper for an inviting, yet soft, look and feel. The best way to do it is to use a single stamp in a variety of techniques to create an overall design with varied looks. Try stamping with only half of the design, stamping the same stamp in a variety of angles in a group or alternating the way the stamp is pressed for an interesting feel.

You can make quick, simple scrapbook pages by mixing patterned papers with autumn scrapbook paper. Set your photos down in a collage style, and decorate around them! Use strips of patterned paper and stitch them together. You can use stitch rub-ons, stitch stamps and faux paper strips that are full pieces of paper for a different kind of look in a super simple way. Create a border around the photos to ensure they stand out, and embellish free space with die-cut leaves or pumpkins depending on the subject in your photos.

Fall scrapbooking is one of the most enjoyable times. Be prepared ahead of time by having multiple copies of your favorite photos, and strategize before you start gluing anything down. Follow a set theme and use a variety of embellishments to accent and express different feelings and ideas. Many scrappers suggest including a journaling block to share the day’s story.

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