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All about Fall Digital Paper

All about Fall Digital Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Digital scrapbooking is pretty different from creating traditional scrapbooks, though both are fairly common as a whole. Digital scrapbooking can take some technological know-how, though it doesn’t take much! Scrapbooking has reached a whole new level, and can be done right at your computer.

The availability of fall digital paper, along with a wide range of other papers, has allowed scrappers to take a hybrid approach to scrapbooking. When it comes to scrapbooking on your computer, you can find a wide array of papers available, from colorful prints to fall digital paper. Digital paper is inexpensive to purchase, and all you need is photos on your computer, the software and the paper. You can find a ton of free fall digital paper downloads all over the web!


Creating Digital Scrapbooks with Fall Digital Paper

Get yourself started by downloading or ordering some fall digital paper to use as your background! You can find so many adorable, and free, paper prints to use that can suit any project you have in mind. You can find fall digital paper for thanksgiving scrapbook pages, along with thematic embellishments and die cuts that you can use to create a sense of style for your page.

Incorporating banners and other features can create an appealing work of art that will have your friends and family oohing in awe. Once you’ve got the right supplies for creating digital fall scrapbook pages, you can get started creating!

Incorporating Fall Digital Paper to your Scrapbook

If you prefer to use a mixture of digital and traditional scrapbooking supplies, you can create gorgeous hybrid pages. You simply start off by preparing your fall digital paper on the computer. You can set up the layout, and determine where you’ like to have photographs go. Put all of your photos onto a disc, and manipulate the photos using Photoshop or another graphics program.

You can alter the way they look, the colors the image is in or even make one single part of the photo colored while the rest is in black and white for a unique look. You can sharpen your photos to make them look clearer, as well as crop them to display one particular aspect of the photo.

Hybrid scrapbooking can be a lot of fun, and allows you to have an end result that you can print out and hold in your hand! Once you’ve printed it out, you can incorporate supplies from your stash. You can use ribbons that suite the fall digital paper, as well as include die cuts in the shapes of pine trees, squirrels, acorns, school buses and so much more. In the long run, it can be a lot quicker to create layouts and designs from the computer. Some may prefer to simply prepare their paper before printing it out, and then gluing in photos, embellishments, glitter and other accessories to brighten up the page.

Full Digital Scrapbooking

One of the greatest aspects of digital scrapbooking is the ability to share the scrapbooks online with anyone you please. These digital scrapbooks are essentially the same as traditional ones, however, being made on a computer, some people may find that they are able to create even more diverse, unique and interesting scrapbook pages for their memories!

You start by downloading some fall digital paper, along with other papers, such as patterns and prints, to create your layout. You can include any other usual elements, such as photos, journaling, embellishments and ribbons. You can use photoshop to create a wide range of effects, as well as to create embellishments and ‘die cuts’ to add to your page.

Fall digital paper is the perfect paper to use in combination with Thanksgiving photos, as well as Halloween, back to school days, vacation days and a wide range of other occasions. You can scrapbook even ordinary days to preserve the memories along the way. One of the best things about scrapbooking on a computer is the wide range of fonts you can use for journaling or creating layout titles.

Supplies for Digital Scrapbooking

Be prepared to scrapbook at your computer by having the proper tools. You can always find free downloads for digital scrapbooking elements, papers, and more. You can always scan in memorabilia from home, such as ribbons or buttons, to use on your pages to personalize them further. One great way that many scrappers document their holiday experiences through digital scrapbooking is to scan in images of their children’s costumes or masks, or even to incorporate colors that match their face paint or makeup to pull the fall digital paper together with the photos.

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