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10 Strategies for Fall Scrapbook Paper

10 Strategies for Fall Scrapbook Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Fall scrapbook paper is typically solid colors, or paper with fall-themed patterns. You can find fall scrapbook paper that has leaves, pumpkins, apple trees, school-themes and more! One of the most memorable occasions in the fall is the return to school! Back to playgrounds and homework, and, most of all, back to school shopping. Many scrappers love to document their child’s first day back each year, but some clever people had the idea of putting end of the year photos with start of the year photos for a cool contrast to exhibit their child’s growth over the summer.

Fall Scrapbook Paper Tips

There are many types of layouts and backgrounds you can make using fall scrapbook paper. Depending on the photos you plan to incorporate into your scrapbook, you can plan your layouts ahead of time to ensure your fall scrapbooking can be completed quickly and easily!

Save time by having plenty of fall scrapbook paper on hand, as well as any other supplies, such as die cuts, embellishments and other paper crafts. Consider a few different things, such as the activities your children and family participate in during the fall months. Softball, football, thanksgiving, vacations and other fun festivities are perfect opportunities for scrapbookers!

Sports and Fall Scrapbook Paper

Mixing sports and fall scrapbook paper is a wonderful way to incorporate the seasonal feel with a sporty one. Use embellishments that are most suited to the sport. If your child enjoys softball, use lighter colors, such as light blue, against fall patterns. Throw in a few softball embellishments and ribbon accents for a sporty look. For those moments that need more than one page, create matching, two-page layouts using blocks, cut outs and other items. You can get some cool, creative ideas here.

School Fall Themes

Back to school time is a great scrapbooking opportunity! Show off their first day back in style by mixing fall scrapbook paper with school-themed aspects. You can create chalkboard-like borders with the alphabet written around the photo, as well as notebook paper cardstock that you can journal across to document his or her very first day. Be sure to try and match the background and embellishments to the child! They are the star of this piece.

You can give siblings a full page with a classic look. Use lined notebook paper to give it a decidedly “back to school” feel. You might consider using chipboard letters to put their initials, or spell out a message about the day. Take a picture after they get back from school to add in the page. You can use fall scrapbook paper in the far back to give the whole page a blocky, solid background appearance while enhancing the different papers atop it.

Dedicate a page to your kiddo and their best friend! Every child loves to take pictures with their friends, especially if they are going on display to be shown off. Incorporate aspects of all their personalities, and the different ways they socialize with one another. Take group photos, as well as individual ones, and choose your favorites. If you seek a masculine feel, you can pair deep hues with striped, distressed designs. For a more feminine feel, you can incorporate various colorful patterns and even glittery shapes.

Give his favorite teachers a spotlight. Every kid has at least one of their most favorite teachers each year, though some lucky kiddos manage to swing a whole mess of amazing teachers. On one of those meet the teacher days, snap a photo of your child with their teachers.

You can create a decidedly teacher-y theme by mixing fall scrapbook paper with high contrast colors that will draw the eye straight to the photos. Journal across the bottom half of the page to give everyone an idea of how great these teachers are. Do this every year so your child will never forget the wonderful influences on his life at an early age. Embellish the background with apples, stars, chalkboard paper or other patterns.

Every year, your daughter or son comes barreling through the door with a stack of papers to sign for school picture day. You can use a standard 8x10 school portrait on a scrapbook page. Pair with a solid background of fall scrapbook paper, and use school-themed embellishments to finish it off! You can incorporate notebook paper, apple shapes and even memorabilia, such as pictures and papers.

When it comes to school scrapbooking with fall scrapbook paper, you should keep a folder with different school photos, school papers and other memorabilia. Be sure to plan out some extra space for journaling, either from you or from your kiddo!

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