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Scrapbooking in the Summer

Scrapbooking in the Summer

Posted by Olivia Sum on

When you think summer, what do you think about the most? Is it evening barbeques or days at the beach? Is it brightly colored skies, or pool party birthdays? You may think about the sun, or tanning, or running through the sprinkler. No matter your vision of summer, you can create gorgeous works of art that accurately display your summer photographs!

Putting your summertime memories into a scrapbook is a great way to keep your memories. Bring your camera to every occasion, and print out your favorites at home to put atop summer scrapbook paper with some beautiful embellishment.

Summer Scrapbook Papers

Capture the best moments on each page for your summer scrapbook. If you’re following a water-themed day, such as a water park trip or day at the beach, you can find a variety of summer scrapbook papers that would suit it perfectly. You can combine different themes together, such as the sun and water, to create an intricate background to your summer pictures. You can stick to bright colors that give the idea of a beautiful sunrise or sunset, clear blue waters or lounging under an umbrella.

Day at the Beach

Whether it’s your child’s first day at the beach, or thousandth time going, they will exhibit the childlike joy and wonder of the big blue. Be sure to take plenty of photos as they splash through the waves, play in the sand and chow down on some sandy sandwiches. You can pair these lovely photos with a wide range of backgrounds and layouts and buttons.

If you’re seeking a girlier theme, you can create a paper umbrella to pose over an array of photos. If you prefer to incorporate an ocean-theme, you can use dark and light blues mixed with soft whites to create a relaxing look. Mix it up with some ocean stickers like whales or fish, or make paper waves to sit the photos on top of. Get some ideas for water and summer fun pages here.

Summer BBQ

What summer is complete without at least one barbeque? Throwing some hot dogs and burgers on the grill as the evening sun sits in the sky above the tree tops. The children run through the yard while the adults enjoy cool, adult beverages. You can create awesome barbeque themed scrapbook pages using scrapbook paper, dies, cut outs and other tools. You can find a ton of idea provoking scrapbook pages here to encourage your creativity. Be sure to have at least one picture of the chef, and one of everyone who attended so you can be sure they are all included!

Poolside Birthday Parties

Any kid born in the summer months knows that the best party of all is a pool party. Celebrate the good times by commemorating the date in your scrapbook! You can mix and match different pool aspects, such as floaties, slides and swimming to create a fascinating and adorable summer scrapbook page. Some of the greatest creations consist of goofy swimming sayings, like ‘I wish I was a Fish’ and ‘just add water’. You can come up with all kinds of creative titles. You can create borders around each photo that looks like a pool, add some stickers, and maybe even some memorabilia, such as a candle or a signed napkin.

Learning to Swim

What parent doesn’t love to capture photos of their child’s first time swimming? Creating a scrapbook of your kiddo’s first float in the water allows you to document the great times in your young one’s life. Be sure to include photos of your child as they learn, and at least one of them paddling about on their own to show off their huge success! You can create swimming scrapbook pages too.

You can tie in some different colors, such as bright yellows and greens, for borders or ribbons to give a more playful characteristic to the page. If you aim to create a learning atmosphere on the page, you can put different swimming instructions across it, such as ‘kick your legs’.

Memory keeping is one of the best reasons to scrapbook. Many people prefer to be able to flip through the pages and see the best photos from that time, jogging their memory. You can include journaling in your scrapbook to tell more about the day, as well as memorabilia, to give you something extra to remind you. However, it’s more than just for you! Your children and family members will love the keepsake.

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