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Shabby Chic all over

Shabby Chic all over

Posted by Olivia Sum on

There is so much inspiration about that shows you how to use the theme ‘shabby chic’ in your scrapbook but there is none other better than this blog which teaches you a use of ‘shabby chic’ and idea layouts to use in your digital scrapbook that you might have never imagined using before.

Shabby Chic is a current style in home decorating that combines used and lovingly worn items to create a mismatched but cosy environment. If you love the shabby chic style, you can bring that style right into your scrapbooks with some easy methods that will make it fun to give your pages that messy, worn out look!





Idea #1

The first idea for a layout uses a popular shabby chic technique, merging stripes with a floral pattern. The patterns have brown and cream as major colours, adding to the "vintage" look that is so popular.

By cutting a piece of cotton fabric and tattering the edges, you can create a fashionable "tie" to elaborate your page, giving a cosy feeling to your layouts. Use a "Love" sticker that has inked edges that also gives a touch of age to the overall look of your layout. Using fabrics, mingling stripes with floras, and inking your trappings are great ways to add the shabby look.


Idea #2

In the second layout example, a few more humble techniques are used. First, machine-stitching has been added to the edges of the patterned papers, and the blend of patterns with the same base colours add to the shabby feel. Add touches of lace and an antique charisma to further boost the vintage theme.

Lastly, by heating rub-on words with a heat gun for a few moments, then permitting them to cool before using, you can create a "crackled" look when you apply the rub-ons to your page. This gives the outcome of crackled paint.


Idea #3

The third layout idea has a pocket page, with huge tags that slide in the pocket. Each tag encloses floral patterned paper, silk flowers attached with brads, and photos/journaling booklets.

The pocket is made from identical floral patterned paper and is machine-stitched around the edges. The title sticker has purple acrylic paint unswervingly brushed around the edges, giving the page a shabby look.


Idea #4

In the next idea, some consistency was added by tearing patterned paper, then stitching to the background cardstock. The ends of the cardstock were sanded, baring a white inner core and giving the cardstock a rougher appearance.

More texture was added by mounting the photo onto mulberry paper, and then a piece of handmade paper that has also been zigzag-stitched to the background paper. Lastly, cutting and fraying a piece of matching fabric, then binding around the layout, added a shabby touch.



Idea #5

In the concluding layout example idea, lots of sanding was used to add pictorial dimension and create a worn, craggy look. Sanding works well on manly pages, and can also tone down lively colours and patterns.

More machine-stitching was used, and also a piece of corrugated cardboard has been skinned to expose the inner core, making a flawless shabby photo mat. When using cardboard, please remember that it is not acid-free, and will need to be preserved with a de-acidification spray prior to mounting on your scrapbook pages.

Now that you have read about some examples and ideas of shabby chic methods: crumpling, tearing, machine-stitching, sanding, using fabrics, acrylic paint, inking, and mingling patterned papers, you are ready to begin adding the shabby chic look to your scrapbook pages. Use "found" items; don't be scared to mix and match various patterns that share the same base colours, but look out - this is a very addictive fashion style!


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