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How to use a Glitter Design

How to use a Glitter Design

Posted by Olivia Sum on

When it comes to the world of digital scrapbooks beginners and even professionals prefer to use ready-made templates which can then be customised to suit your preferences. These typical templates for page layouts can be downloaded for free all over the web but they are just as easy to create.

There are many embellishments, photos, quotes and digital backgrounds you can use especially when it comes to spicing up your page – and offer some of the most unique in town. Whether you’re looking for shabby designs, bold and modern or old-fashioned you can find them here. Our favourite today is the glitter design range which adds colour, texture and sparkle to your craft project.




One-tone glitter designs

Glitter digital design backgrounds come in many colours and patterns but the one-tone designs can probably be the most effective. They are not too fussy but yet really add depth to your project.

From orange, blue to silver and gold you can find a colour to match your theme. Use them as backgrounds to enhance a photo or mount a picture or add an embellishment onto them. These glitter digital packs come in great colours so you can contrast them and cut and add to make your layout interesting.

If you have a fussy page with lots of pictures, lots of words and lots of extras then it is a good idea to use just a one tone colour design otherwise your page can be a little too overwhelming.

If you are thinking of using your glitter designs for something other than scrapbook use – it is a good idea to use them carefully because glitter should only be used for individual occasions. For example if you use glitter in a wedding theme it might come across as tacky, if you use pink glitter for an invitation for a masculine get-together then you might not get any guests.

Glitter is great for holidays, for birthdays and of course, for Christmas. You can print off these gorgeous, glittery and shimmering papers for gift wrapping, home decorations and other wonderful crafts.



Patterned Glitter Designs

If you’re looking for over-the-top and pure tacky designs then why not go all out and use the glitzy patterned designs. There is a huge range of honeycomb patterns, stripes, dots, zig-zags, fish, moons and even floral patterns. Mix and match the black and golf geometric patterns for an Egyptian look or use the strawberry selection for a romantic feel. Either way with these funky designs you can create looks that are unique and pop out.

These are great for scrapbooks because you can’t go wrong with using them. Use them for photo mounting and backdrops and your pages will be sparkling with glittery texture. Our top favourites are the chevron collection and the pastel glitter collection – customers rave about these designs because they are purely so unique.

Whatever the occasion, whether it is a holiday, a birthday, a special event, a wedding or even just a memorable moment that you’re writing down in your scrapbook then don’t be afraid to use these papers all the time.

Add a little glitz to your simple craft project such as hand-made banners, decoupage, hand-made gifts and even simple items like gift tags, envelopes or letter headings and your pieces of art will suddenly shine and come alive. The one rule about using glitter designs is to not be shy and to not use them lightly if you want a real glitter effect, if you want a subtle design with a little shimmer then less is more.

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