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The Best of Digital Scrapbooking Software

The Best of Digital Scrapbooking Software

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Digital scrapbooking is a great way to reserve your individual and private reminiscences in a book with elegant backgrounds and designs. Digital scrapbooking software permits you to easily resize and add photos, form a scrapbook in minutes with scrapbooking sets and graphics, and share it to anyone via online. Here is some well-liked and common digital scrapbooking software that scrapbookers will indeed adore to have.

All-out Customizability and Control

  1. Adobe Photoshop Elements

If you are sombre about digital scrapbooking, look no further than Adobe Photoshop Elements. Adobe Photoshop Elements is measured as the light version of Adobe Photoshop CS. It is much low-cost compared to Photoshop CS ($99.99 vs $699.99), as Photoshop Elements is beset for personal use. While Photoshop Elements is less dominant than Photoshop CS, it has everything you need to make digital scrapbooks. You can effortlessly edit and improve your photos with its advanced photo editing tools, add any image file formats, generate rich layered photos, and more.

Likewise, Photoshop Elements is not just digital scrapbooking software; you can use it to produce photo collages, photo slideshows, greeting cards, photo calendars, CD/DVD jackets, etc. Nevertheless, it has a sharp learning curve exclusively for beginners, but there are plenty of preparations and scrapbooking tutorials online that can help you to get started. Of course, you can also get Adobe Photoshop CS, if you are a expert designer or you can afford to spend 700 bucks on it.

  1. Corel PaintShop Pro

Adobe Photoshop CS/Elements is hands down the most widespread graphics editor software, with matchless user base and documentation. Though, due to its great price, some users opt for economy replacements like Corel Paintshop Pro. It is not too far behind Photoshop in terms of manageability, feature richness, and performance, which gives top value for the 80 dollars spent.

You can still do almost anything you want on your scrapbooks with Paintshop Pro, what really varies is the price. Are you on a fitted budget and can’t afford to spend $20 extra on Photoshop Elements? If so, Paintshop Pro is the best standby for Photoshop with a significant lower price. Can’t decide? Try out both of them instead.

Saving time and Easy to use Software

  1. MyMemories Suite

Link Adobe Photoshop Elements and Corel Paintshop Pro, MyMemories Suite has fewer photo editing features, but it is much more inexpensive ($29.98 vs $99.99) and easier to use. In Photoshop Elements, you have full power and total freedom over the design and layouts, but it probably takes more time to make a scrapbook from nick. In dissimilarity, MyMemories Suite allows you to produce digital scrapbook easily using pre-designed templates or kits. There are tons of free and first-class scrapbooking kits and templates at You can easily catch a template or kit that suits your photos from its inclusive variation of themes.

Apart from tallying up text, backgrounds, and shapes, you can also add music, videos, calendars, imprints, and add-ons using MyMemories Suite. If you are looking for cheaper digital scrapbooking software and preparing to use it exclusively for scrapbooking purpose only, MyMemories Suite is the seamless solution for you.

  1. MemoryMixer

Both MemoryMixer and MyMemories Suite are amid the most cited digital scrapbooking software by bloggers and scrapbookers. This is because both of them are sensibly priced, dominant, yet easy-to-use. Apart from scrapbooking, you can also generate board books, calendars, photo cards, and invitation cards with MemoryMixer. In MemoryMixer Store, there are lots of free and paid schemes like embellishments, templates, and themes.

Most people give MyMemories Suite a slight edge over MemoryMixer due to its inferior price (Memory Mixer costs $10 more) and improved website design. It is hard to pilot within and there’s no sieving selection in MemoryMixer Store. You can’t sort the designs permitting to price, which makes finding free designs tougher.


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