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Shabby Chic Digital Designs

Shabby Chic Digital Designs

Posted by Olivia Sum on

There are so many online shops to pick up your shabby chic digital designs but probably one of the best with the most unique collection is Whether you are looking to buy digital design papers for your scrapbook needs, card making hobby or business or even just to have in your ‘shabby chic’ collection then look no further. There is a huge array of flowery, pastel, intricate designs to meet your needs. This website offers the best prices in town and with 12” by 12” packs and kits of digital papers – it’s worth storing them in a folder to have just in case.


How to Define Shabby Chic

A lot of people get confused with the definition of shabby chic and the themes and colours it might incur. Shabby chic isn’t so much ‘girly’ but more ‘aged’ looking. It’s basically a style that is new but made to look old.

It incorporates unique colours and tastes and is best for that page in your scrapbook that is used to show off a momentous moment. Shabby chic is meant to create charm and history in all its fresh novel designs. That might not make a lot of sense but when you come across something which is claiming to be shabby chic you will see the definition come to life.

Shabby chic colours are well-lit and carefree. Whites and creams are a must, particularly on backdrop designs and smaller embellishments, but lashes of barely-there blue, green, lilac, or pink round out the pattern. Keep patterns delicate and feminine: floral, gingham, ticking stripes, toile. is a great place to visit because there you will find literally everything you need all in shabby chic style. Everything on their site is totally free to use and download – although a lot of it is basically repeated from other free websites it is still a basis for shabby chic designs.


When to Use Shabby Chic

Let’s be honest there is a time and a place to use shabby chic. It’s probably not the world’s best suited theme to use on your little boys birthday party invitation or yours husbands business cards. Depending on the business or even there is a specific time and place to use shabby chic.

First let’s talking about digitally designed invitations – shabby chic is generally used for weddings, anniversaries and female events. The shabby chic theme has a certain feminine appeal to it and it’s not suited particularly for anything else. You can try merging floral chic backdrops with some shabby chic borders and a few embellishments to make it stand out or even use bold slanted handwriting on a simple two-tone laced digital design.

Business cards that are digitally designed with a shabby chic theme are probably some of the most unique yet. You can’t use a shabby chic theme for a lawyer’s office or for a funeral parlour but you can use it if you’re a photographer that specialises in weddings, births and other romantic events that you can show off through the theme design on your business cards. If you’re a lone female who is a freelancer then it’s worth a try using it on your business cards but it’s generally not the best idea if you are looking to reach a wide market other than just females.

Stationary is a great way to use shabby chic designs. All over the net you can see flowery bordered letter headings and envelopes that have been printed using these neat designs. Sometimes it only needs one simple embellishment to make it perfect.

Along with all these wonderful ideas shabby chic is used mostly in scrapbooking whether it be traditional or digital. It gives the look of something that has been handed down throughout the years and whether you’re using the shabby chic theme on one page or throughout your whole creation you will be guaranteed to get a ‘wow’ from all those who look at it!


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