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Who Knew It Was Possible to Design Your Own Digital Paper – in 3D

Who Knew It Was Possible to Design Your Own Digital Paper – in 3D

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Digital Paper is fast becoming more and more popular. However do you know how to design your own digital paper, and did you know it is even possible now to design it in 3D as well as the more conventional 2D. You do not need a high tech computer, and one of those fancy digital pens. Anyone can do it; all you need is a bit of patience, a steady hand, and a touch of creativity.

Our advice is to get designing your digital paper now. It is still a relatively unknown area for design, but you see it everywhere these days. QR codes are popping up everywhere from bitcoin and other mobile transactions. Yeah that’s right those are digital paper images too. Not that designing a QR code offers much room for creativity, there are far more interesting things you can do with it. Scrapbooking for example is very popular with digital paper enthusiasts.

Most people think of scrapbooking as something their mothers did when they were children, and they did not have the magic of the Internet to play with. That is however not quite right, of course we all take photos on our phones, but what about after that? Most of us stick them on the cloud, and forget about them, but now how about designing some digital paper to put them on?

It will make your photos pop with some great backgrounds and give people more to look it. Also why not even play with the image itself. It will make you stand out from the crowd, and everyone will be asking how you did it. You will be the first, when in a few years everyone will be doing it, and when that day comes you will be the master in the field.


Exactly how do you design your own? Well get your computer out, and see what image editing software you have. You don’t have any, well don’t worry there are plenty of options out there. From Adobe’s Photoshop, which rules the roost to Picmonkey, which makes it very easy to play with your photos or images.

Try something easy at first, many people choose to go with the image of just one piece of paper on top of another. Once you have done that try adding another and another piece of paper to your image. Before you know it, you will have a wad of paper on your screen. That is just the first step and with some practice and care you will be creating mind-boggling 3D images right on your digital paper.


3D is everywhere lately, at the cinema, watching a movie, playing a computer game, and now even digital paper is no exception. Designing your own digital paper in 2D or even 3D has never been easier, and you do not need to have studied design to do it. Getting your design to work in 3D is not easy at first, but after some practice it is perfectly doable.

Remember it is all about the shading and the shadows. That is how you can really make your image come to life, think about your angles, and how someone will look at the image, where the light is, and what shadows are being cast. When you are creating keep these in mind, and you will be well on your way.

So what else will you can you do with your digital paper? Of course there are a variety of options out there for you. Scrapbooking as we have already mentioned is a very popular area, but you do not have to get stuck into playing with many different images. What about your company email, if you work in design, you are probably sending images all the time. Maybe you want a new background for your desktop, why not make something others will be jealous of.

Remember it is all about the audience when you are designing. Is it just for you or will you be showing these images to other people. Another thing you can design are of course cards. Christmas, birthday, anniversary, valentines there are of course cards for any occasion. Paper cards are a bit passé these days though, show someone how much you love them and design a digital card. It could even be in 3D, it does not take much effort to get that heart to jump out of the page, and your girlfriend or boyfriend will appreciate the effort.

Design some digital paper of your own today, before everyone is doing it.


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