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Online Scrapbooking – Page Ideas and Layouts

Online Scrapbooking – Page Ideas and Layouts

Posted by Olivia Sum on

You’ve started your new hobby and you’re looking for inspiration? Look no further, there is so many ideas around the web it can all get a little too confusing even for the advanced scrappers. is the best place to shop for your digital papers and they even have a great blog where you can grab some inspiration from if you are feeling a little empty.

The designs and layouts of traditional and digital scrapbooking vary a great deal. There are so many layouts and designs that you can choose from, each page of your scrapbook is bound to be unique. You can find some great ideas on forums, pinterest and other various sites that showcase people’s trendy scrapbooking talent.


Digital Layout Ideas

Sometimes it’s difficult putting something to unique and beautiful into words but many simple and modest scrapbooking pages are sometimes the best. Some people like full and muddled pages whereas others like simple and humble.

One of the simplest ideas seen yet is to use a digital design background that is merged with a photo and maybe a quote or a saying, even just a date or a name. It has such a ‘wow’ effect that it kind of takes the scrap out of the whole idea of scrapbooking. If you’re thinking of a more intricate look then merging papers, photos and words all onto one is also another great idea.

Some of the best and most unforgettable scrapbooking pages yet have got to be the ones that are deep and soul lifting. Try putting a meaningful picture on the corner of the page, add a few words to the side and merge colours that explain the way you feel. Sometimes shades and tones say more than anything else when it comes to scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking is probably one of the most fulfilling and beautiful things you can do with your spare time. Many scrapbooks have been passed down over the years and are set in family stone. They share beautiful memories and pictures, soul-inspiring quotes and moments that will go down in family history.


The Scrapbook Basics

Think of your scrapbook as your novel. The scope can be small or large, focused or loose, a chronological narrative or a visual montage. At the most basic level, a scrapbook is a place to collect anything you don't want to lose, from musings on a particular experience to recipes and postcards.

  1. Instead of picking and pressing wildflowers, which depletes the local flora and is illegal in some places, take a snapshot with your smartphone. Using a software program make the snaps feel more traditional.
  2. Anything small -- seaside flotsam, pressed leaves, or souvenirs from a museum -- can be assembled in 35-millimeter slide sleeves for clear viewing; just stitch up the pockets. Birch ply, cut to fit, separates the sleeves. A shell, glued to thicker wood, makes a strong cover, literally and visually. For the digital scrapbooks – take pictures and more pictures and upload them.
  3. When you're young, summer seems to fly by so fast that it becomes a blur. A nice way for you and your kids to capture those special summer memories is by making a scrapbook featuring souvenirs and photos from the season.
  4. Here's another approach to a travelogue: Let your scrapbook contain a few pages of literal scraps. Cut and crop photos, then fashion an intriguing mosaic of images that have the fragmentary quality of memory.
  5. Compiling "remember when" moments in an album and presenting them to a friend makes the bonds even stronger and is a unique way to make someone smile!


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