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Make a Statement with a Shabby Chic Roses Theme

Make a Statement with a Shabby Chic Roses Theme

Posted by Olivia Sum on

A shabby chic style is a design showing wear and tear or looking a little rough around the edges.  It is designed around pallid colours such as yellows, pale pinks, blues and turquoise hues.  Much of the shabby chic style uses floral elements to make a feature.


This room uses a shabby chic rose`s accent.  The wallpaper is duck egg blue with pink flowers.  You can find shabby paper like this if you go to where there is a wide variety of designs.  The cushions, cupboard and even the pictures on the walls have roses on them.  This is a very full on shabby chic roses style, you could just decide you want the odd accent here and there, here are some ideas.

Using Decoupage for a Shabby Chic Roses Accent Style

One of the most straightforward things to do with a fabulous shabby chic rose`s effect in arts and crafts is to decoupage furniture.  Using your shabby paper which you can find at simply cover the piece of furniture you choose in the design of your choice.  There are loads of styles of furniture from an old cabinet you want to spruce up, or it could be something simple like a light switch.  Glue the paper to the furniture using a suitable adhesive and then varnish with clear varnish for a long lasting effect.

A Shabby Chic Roses Design Staircase

The staircase above has a worn look in keeping with the shabby theme.  The roses are the main feature on these stairs giving a great look.

Shabby Chic Roses Designer Doorknobs

These doorknobs would look great to accent kitchen or bedroom cupboards and the shabby paper which can be used to decoupage them comes in many different designs.

Shabby Chic Roses Customised Floorboards

Like the staircase this design works best when it is a little rough around the edges.  The turquoise colour really stands out and would match in fabulous in a shabby chic room.

A Shabby Chic Roses Chair

Another decoupage item this chair has been painted duck egg blue and then the flowers have been decoupage on to the chair with some shabby rose`s paper which you can find at

Customise Your Own Shabby Chic Roses Coasters

The cold season is here, time to wrap up warm after a long hard day and settle down with a hot drink.  Are the coasters you put your drinks down on a little old and dull?! Why not make your own to go with a shabby chic theme.  Again it`s a matter of decoupage your coasters by choosing your shabby roses paper from  Then you just glue and varnish with clear varnish for a lasting effect.

Make Your Own Shabby Chic Roses Bunting

As well as decoupage another great way of accenting a room is by hanging some bunting.  Bunting is a creative way to liven up any room; I think shabby chic roses bunting would look great to match along with shabby themed room.  Just follow these simple steps and away you go.

You will need

  • Shabby roses Paper
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive
  • String
  • Cardboard
  • Hanging hooks

Simply cut your cardboard into matching triangles however large or small you wish.  Next cover and glue your shabby rose`s paper to the triangles creating a fabulous funky effect.  When the glue is dry prick holes in the corner of each triangle and then thread the string through each hole.  Now your bunting is finished use the hanging hooks to attach to the ceiling and voila your very own shabby chic roses bunting.

As well as decoupage furniture and making bunting there are lots of other ways to accent your room with a shabby chic rose`s style.  How about making your own shabby chic roses curtains, just choose some shabby fabrics and sew.  If you don`t want to make your own curtains I`m sure you can buy some beautiful ready-made ones.  Other fabric based ideas are quilts or throws which you can make or buy to accent your shabby chic room.  Whatever you choose to do I`m sure your head is now filled with lots of ideas on how to create your shabby chic roses room.

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