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Some Fabulous Vintage Wedding Supplies

Some Fabulous Vintage Wedding Supplies

Posted by Olivia Sum on

A vintage wedding is a wedding that hints of the fashions of a past era. There are so many different supplies you need for a wedding to run smoothly. From the table settings such as table numbers, napkins and decorations to the chair coverings to the invitations, it`s quite a large list of things when you sit down and think about it. Here are some examples of vintage wedding supplies.


Vintage Wedding Supplies No 1: The Cake

This cake has a beautiful vintage lace paper decoration. If you want to choose some lace paper for your cake you could go to where there is a wide variety to choose from. The scattered flowers also add to the delicate look of this cake. I think it would look fabulous in any vintage wedding and I`m sure it would taste just as yummy!

Vintage Wedding Supplies No 2: The Invitation

The floral effect on this invitation is made with vintage paper; it also has vintage lace paper on it.  Both these papers can be found on  With the heart shaped cut out in the middle and a few buttons scattered round this invitation is straightforward to make. With a little time and effort I`m sure you can make your own vintage wedding invitations just like this.

Vintage Wedding Supplies No 3: The Table Planner

I think this is a great idea for a table planner for a vintage summer wedding.  The ladder which has been painted turquoise and wrapped in pretty pink flowers complements each other really well. With the heart wreath which shows the top table where the bride and groom will be sitting. Again this would be pretty simple to re-create yourself.

Vintage Wedding Supplies No 4: The Card Box

When looking into the vintage wedding theme I came across many striking ideas but this hand painted wooden cards box has got to be up there with my favourites. It reminds of past times when people had old chests to keep things in. It is a great idea to keep your cards from guests safe so you can read them when all the celebrations are over. I especially love the message on the front of the box which reads “Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favourite” ....the sentiment is enough to bring a tear to my eye!

That`s not to mention the wonderful bunting on top of the chest. It`s very simple to make with some burlap, string and a marker to label the bunting. I think this item is a must in any vintage wedding!

I hope these few ideas have put you in busy bee mode and you are ready and willing to get started. This is just a small taster of what you can do. Other ideas include making a cushion to hold your wedding rings for the ring bearer, a vintage table runner - maybe in lace, a wedding guestbook and more. So all you need to do now is decide which of these lovely items you are going to make, have fun!

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