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Many Uses for You to get Creative with Confetti Paper

Many Uses for You to get Creative with Confetti Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Confetti is small pieces or streamers of paper.  It comes in many different colours and shapes and can be shiny or plain.  Traditionally confetti is used to throw at people who are celebrating as a way of congratulations, it is particularly popular after a wedding ceremony to throw at the bride and groom.  A recent innovation at weddings is to use natural petal confetti. These are made from freeze-dried flower petals and are completely biodegradable.  Because of its versatility confetti paper is great to use in arts and crafts.  You can find many different types of confetti paper if you go to


I love this decorative autumnal tree, it`s easy to make simply choose your confetti paper in autumn colours and glue using appropriate wood glue to a small branch.  This would look great in any room.

Choose From a Variety of Designs With Your Confetti Paper

  1. Plain Colourful Confetti – this is round in shape in a variety of colours.
  2. Glitter Confetti – this is larger than glitter and again comes in many colours.
  3. Animal Confetti – such as penguins this is lots of mini animals made into confetti
  4. Shapes Confetti – from circles, squares, stars or romantic hearts.
  5. Snowflake Confetti – this is especially popular at Christmas.

Create your own Wall Art using Confetti Paper

Plain canvases are very easy to get hold of and are a bargain when it comes to filling wall spaces with beautiful designs.  Why not use your confetti paper to turn those canvases into something fabulous.  Here is an example which I think is a vibrant classy design.

Make your own Votives Using Confetti Paper

Winter is here and it`s chilly outside, what`s better than to settle indoors with your candles all lit up and cosy.  If your votives are looking a little plain for the Christmas season why not make some of these ultra-sparkly ones by simply using appropriate adhesive to cover your votives in before rolling in sparkly confetti paper which you will find on

Make a Paper Mache Bowl with Confetti Paper

You will need

  • A balloon
  • Confetti Paper
  • Glue
  • A needle

It is super easy to make.  Simply inflate the balloon and glue the confetti to it.  Then wait for the glue to completely dry and poke the balloon with a needle to burst it.  And that`s it your unique funky confetti paper bowl.  You can use it to hold light things, such as Christmas treats for those with a sweet tooth.

There are many other things you can do with your confetti paper.  Such as using it to make stylish envelopes for your cards this Christmas or using the background as a Christmas bauble or snow effect on your Christmas cards.  You could also use it as a fancy sprinkle on your gift-wrap to celebrate Santa arriving soon.  Whatever you choose to do with it I`m sure it will look great, and most of all it will be fun!


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