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Finding the right texture in scrapbook paper wood grain

Finding the right texture in scrapbook paper wood grain

Posted by Olivia Sum on

It is difficult to choose the right texture. However, this difficult task is the most important creative decision that needs to be taken before anything can proceed when you sit down with a scrapbook paper. There are many textures available for download and textures can be bought online. The internet has always been full of options, ever ready to confuse and make simple choices an enduring and difficult task. Scrapbook paper has multi-purposes and offers numerous design solutions.

Out of them, a majority of scrapbook paper is used in making cards, invitations and photo journals. What if the purpose in itself is not limited to one? What if our design needs are multipurpose? The texture that we will then need will have to have a neutral presence to go with all purposes. Wood grain definitely has the advantage of being one of the most neutral textures. It doesn’t add bulk or weight to the design. Scrapbook paper wood grain serves a multifaceted design requirement all at once. Maybe wood grain is what you were always looking for and were unaware of the same.


Scrapbook paper wood grain compliments wooden architecture and art setting

Wood grain echoes with the art setting of the photographs. Anything that’s wooden on your photographs automatically finds its match with scrapbook paper wood grain. Most of our family photos apart from having family members have a lot of furniture and flooring. If we are making a family album scrapbook, wood grain is the definite choice. It highlights the dark shades of the furniture and the wooden panels.

The best thing is it doesn’t add depth but lets the photographs add depth themselves. Even outdoor themed scrapbooks go well with wood grain.  The countryside can be well reflected using wood grain scrapbook paper. The rustic nature of the countryside will be highlighted by the neutral wood grain. Wood grain gives photos its realism.

Use scrapbook paper wood grain to make your camping diary

Wood grain adds a layer of masculinity to the same. Camping diaries include a lot of photos clicked in the night. They also include elements like a bonfire and the greenish tinge of tents. Caves, forests and mountains are the chosen spots for camping. The dark lush green of the forests in the night is given a depth by wood grain and the forests look more protruding than ever. Also, the skeletal makeup of the caves – the limestone, chalk and gypsum go well with the wood grain texture.

Making scrapbook paper wood grain trendy

The overall feel of wood grain is rustic, rusted and vintage. But it is also possible to use the same scrapbook paper wood grain in a trendy fashion and give a feel of the latest complex designs. Wood grain being neutral a texture can be moulded effectively according to the need. In the case of a trendy look, tomato red, yellow and light teal can accentuate the trendy appeal of the wood grain. It is also necessary to use a matching typeface.

How else can you use scrapbook paper wood grain?

Wood grain trendy can be used for almost all the occasions if the other design elements are chosen carefully. In many cases, the effort to be made after selecting wood grain is very less like for pasting photographs of living rooms, bedrooms, camping and travel moments. In the case of flowery designs and complicated patterns, the colours need to be chosen carefully so that the wood grain suits the trendy look. Scrapbook paper wood grain is a solution to almost all the design needs and can be bought on the website.


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