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Great ideas for How to Use Your Military Scrapbook Paper

Great ideas for How to Use Your Military Scrapbook Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

The military is another word for the armed forces.  The profession of soldiering as part of a military is older than recorded history itself.  For years small boys have played with a set of soldiers pretending to conquer and win battles of their own imagination.  Holding their heads high and proud and standing to attention like a true soldier is all part of the fun to be had growing up. 

This playfulness and imagination can be used to transform any little boy`s bedroom into a military haven to retreat to for a world of fun.  When it comes to arts and crafts military scrapbook paper will help you do just this.  Have a look at for a choice of military designs.


Design Your Children’s Bedroom with Military Scrapbook Paper

Little finishing touches really make a difference when you`re decorating any room.  To match a military theme there are many things you can do.  Why not use your military scrapbook paper to turn a boring plain light switch into something a little funkier.   This is simply done by using a suitable adhesive to glue the paper to your light switch taking care at the corners to make it as neat as possible.  Afterwards varnish over the paper with some clear varnish to keep the design looking fresh.

This effect can be used on other items of furniture also.  It is called decoupage and can be used to refresh cabinets, chest of draws, coffee tables, ceiling fans....the list is endless and the end result looks fantabulous.  Check out for the military scrapbook paper style which will best suit your colour scheme.

Using Military Scrapbook Paper To Wrap Gifts

If your little boy or girl is obsessive when it comes to all things soldier what better way to wrap their presents than military gift wrap.  There are a whole host of military scrapbook paper designs.  In a wide variety of colours from camouflage muted greens and browns to red, white and blue stars and stripes depending on what you`re after.

As well as your gift wrap why not make your own gift tags to label your unique presents.  Just cover some cardboard such as a cereal box with the paper of your chosen design.  Then cut up into tag shapes and make a hole to thread your string through. 

Framed Pictures Using Military Scrapbook Paper

Christmas is a happy time of year for most, a time when we get together with our families and enjoy all things festive.  However for soldiers working abroad at Christmas this is a time when they miss their family hugely and so this gift idea would put a smile on their faces.  You can buy a basic picture frame from many different stores. 

Simply choose your design of military scrapbook paper and using the appropriate adhesive glue your paper around the frame.  Then you can add your family pictures and send to your loved ones this Christmas.

Hopefully you have taken some ideas from this on how to get busy using your military scrapbook paper and have fun along the way.

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