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Get Creative with Camo Scrapbook Paper

Get Creative with Camo Scrapbook Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Camo is short for camouflage which is an effect which uses any combination of materials, coloration or illumination to hide something or someone by making them hard to see or disguising it as something else.  Much like an iguana can change its colours to blend into the background to avoid its prey or a soldier wears this type of clothing to make it hard for the enemy to spot them.  It is often muted colours such as greys and greens that are used in this effect because of this.


How to Make Bunting using Camo Scrapbook Paper

Bunting is a creative way to liven up any room, I think camouflage bunting would look great to match along with your child`s army styled bedroom because what little boy doesn`t like playing soldiers as a child.  Just follow these simple steps and away you go.

You will need

  1. Camo Scrapbook Paper
  2. Adhesive
  3. Scissors
  4. String
  5. Cardboard
  6. Hanging hooks

Simply cut your cardboard into triangles any size you wish however all matching.  Next cover and glue your camo scrapbook paper which you can find on, to the triangles creating a fabulous camouflage effect.  When the glue is dry prick holes in the corner of each triangle and thread the string through each hole.  Now you have your bunting use the hanging hooks to attach to the ceiling and voila your very own whale bunting.

Making Customised Name Blocks for Your Childs Nursery with Camo Scrapbook Paper

You will need

  1. Camo scrapbook paper
  2. Wooden letters cut into your child`s initials
  3. Adhesive
  4. Clear varnish

Take your first letter and using the appropriate adhesive glue the camo scrapbook paper which you can get from to the wood.  Make it as neat as possible around the edges, continue doing this for each of your letters and let them dry.  When the letters are dry, paint over with your clear varnish for a long lasting effect.  And that`s it all done, a simple yet effective set of name tags that will look fabulous in any little boys room.

Hosting a Themed Party Using Camo Scrapbook Paper

If you`re into arts and crafts there are lots of things you can do with your camo scrapbook paper, I think it is especially useful when holding a Birthday party.  To begin with party invitations are needed.  Go to to choose your camouflage design. 

As well as invitations you could make your own camouflage party hats using some cardboard covered in your chosen design.  You could also make some bunting to decorate your room as shown above.  Also for birthday parties the camouflage scrapbook paper makes funky unique gift wrap.  And of course don`t forget the gift tags.  Choose your camouflage background paper to attach to the ready-made tags using glue and there you go some funky modern gift wrap and tags

Decorating a bedroom with Camo Scrapbook Paper

For all you creative folk out there, always looking for your next project this may be the thing for you!  There are many different ways you can use your camo scrapbook paper to turn your child`s room into a little soldiers retreat. Once you have chosen your camo scrapbook paper design from you can get started. 

How about choosing a feature wall which will give a unique look to any room.  You can simply paste the paper straight onto the wall or using plain canvases cover and glue them with your design paper and hang as eclectically as you wish.

Another feature you can do using arts and crafts is decoupage.  This is up there with my favourite craftwork along with papier-mâché which I used to love doing at school.    Decoupage is when you cover your furniture in your chosen paper and glue using the appropriate adhesive.  For longevity paint over with clear varnish. 

You can refresh so many things in this way, from light switches to sideboards, coasters, and mobile phone cases, electric ceiling fans the list is endless.  Give it a go; you will be pleasantly surprised with the overall effect.

With this handy list of ideas your imagination must be running a mock.  So give it a try I`m sure you will be happy with the finished result.

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