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6 Ideas You Can Create With London Paper

6 Ideas You Can Create With London Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

London is such an iconic place with plenty of iconic buildings. If you have been on a trip to London or simply love everything about London then you will love the ideas we have put together for you in this blog post as all the ideas are using London paper. Let’s get started on the ideas…


Create a Scrapbook Layout with London Paper

You’ll want to cherish all those great memories in an equally great scrapbook. You can use London paper to cover the front and back of the scrapbook and add squares of paper on pages to use as frames for photos. There are 12 different patterns in our London Bridge Collection which is available on the website.

Create Gift Tags with London Paper

If you have been to London and bought someone a souvenir then make the gift even more special by creating London paper gift tags to create a theme. To make the gift tags, simply download a label clipart as well as the London paper. Open both of them up in Photoshop and use the marquee tool to transfer the London paper patter onto the label. Print it out, punch a hole at the top and loop through some blue or red ribbon through to attach to the gift.

Create Patchwork Wallpaper with London Paper

If you love everything about London then bring it into your home by creating a patchwork feature wall in your room. You can use al 12 papers from the London Bridge Collection for this project. Simply print out squares of London paper that are equal in size and start pasting onto your wall.

Create Butterflies with London Paper

These little London paper butterflies will look great on party invites and greeting cards. To make them simply download a butterfly clipart as well as the London Paper and open them both in Photoshop. Use the marquee tool to add the London paper pattern onto the butterfly. You can then print as many as you like, cute out and lift up the wings to create a 3D effect.

Create Notebooks with London Paper

If you’re anything like us, you get bored of your notebooks very quickly so instead of always buying new ones, revamp them with London Paper. Simply download and print the paper you want, cut it to size and glue it onto the front and back cover of the notebook.

Create Photo Frames with London Paper

To cherish those memories of your trip to London, put your most memorable photos in homemade London Paper photo frames. You can glue your chosen paper onto card and simply glue the photo down in the centre. You can then add some London themed clipart to the photo frame too to add a bit of fun to it.

There you have it, some great craft project ideas for you to do using London Paper which you can get on the website. Remember to send us your photos of your craft projects by tweeting us @DigitalPaperShop.

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