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5 Bestselling Vintage Digital Paper

5 Bestselling Vintage Digital Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

If you’re looking to create something vintage-esque then you are going to need some stunning and gorgeous vintage digital paper to do so. Whether you are creating wedding invitations, wall art, gift tags, envelopes or anything else, will have a vintage paper that will suit. We have listed some of our favourite and bestselling vintage papers to see if we can inspire you.

Chalkboard Vintage Digital Paper

The very effective vintage digital paper collection has 10 different papers in its collection including a green chalkboard, black chalkboard and grey chalkboard. You could make some great looking gift tags with this collection and maybe even a set of coasters. To make the gift tags, simply download a traditional gift tag clipart and use Photoshop to transfer the chalkboard background onto the clipart.

Print however many you need, punch a hole at the top and loop through a piece of twine or ribbon to attach to the gift. You can then either use white chalk or paint to write the recipient’s name on the chalkboard paper.

Deco Vintage Digital Paper

Everyone who is in love with everything vintage is going to love this collection of vintage digital paper. There are 12 different papers in the collection which all have different patterns and colours including blue and red ornate pattern, pink and green ornate pattern, purple and pink patterned stripes and blue floral paper.

You could create many things with this including a wall art gallery and gift wrap. To make the wall art gallery, print out 4 or 5 different papers from the collection and use Mod Podge to glue each paper onto each canvas. Once you have done that, you can simply hang the canvases up together to create a gallery.

Classic Parchment Vintage Digital Paper

This collection of paper has a parchment texture and will look great as envelopes. The collection has 12 papers in it with different pastel colours including cream, green, pink and grey. To make your envelopes, simply print out the parchment paper and use an old envelope to measure and cut out the shape into the paper. You can then fold down all four flaps to make the creases but only glue down three of them.

Rusty Metal Vintage Digital Paper

This vintage digital paper collection looks like something out of Nanny McPhee so if you’re a fan, you will love these papers. There are 12 different patterned and coloured papers in the collection, all of which have very unique and interesting mix of colours. The papers in this collection will be great for gift warp which is super easy to do… simply print the paper and wrap!

Tiffany Blue Vintage Digital Paper

This vintage digital paper collection is quite simply stunning and has a theme of Paris… the city of love. There are 12 papers in the collection, all of which are blue and white but all have different patterns to choose from. The collection will work great in scrapbooks if you have been on holiday to Paris or got married or had your honeymoon there. You’ll want to cherish those memories forever and the paper in this collection will be sure to bring those memories alive.

These are just 5 of our vast range of vintage digital paper collections and so be sure to check all the rest out. Some others you need to consider are the Vintage Afrika Collection, Vintage Bandana Collection, Vintage Blue Collection and Vintage Damask Collection. What have you created with your vintage digital paper? Let us know by leaving your comments below or by tweeting your photos to us @DigitalPaperShop.

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