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How to make the most of your Anchor Scrapbook Paper

How to make the most of your Anchor Scrapbook Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Who doesn`t love a nautical theme.  Fisherman and land lovers alike we can all have some fun when it comes to visiting the seaside.  Why not create your very own taste of the sea with the help of some anchor scrapbook paper and a little imagination.  Here are some ideas to help you on your way.


Themed parties using Anchor Scrapbook Paper

From birthday celebrations to baby showers conjuring up that special unforgettable ambience to make the party go with a splash is helped along with a theme.  To begin with an invitation is needed so search online for your anchor scrapbook paper so you can create your own unique invites.  Have a look at where there are lots of ideas to choose from.  Here you will find just what you need to go anchor crazy.

Along with the party invitations why not make the most of your theme with thank you cards, gift wrap and some bunting.

Home Decor using Anchor Scrapbook Paper

One of my favourite things to do with anchor scrapbook paper is decoupage furniture.  From something as simple as decorating a light switch to refreshing an old cupboard or coffee table.  Whatever the item of furniture all will look great when they have been upcycled with your chosen funky anchor scrapbook paper.  Cover Chester drawers simply by using adhesive to glue your paper to the furniture.  For a natural finish and long lasting effect paint over with clear varnish.

How to Make Customised Nursery Letters Using Anchor Scrapbook Paper

You will need

  1. Wooden letters cut into the initials of your choice
  2. Anchor Scrapbook Paper
  3. Adhesive
  4. Clear varnish

Cover the letters in your anchor scrapbook paper using the adhesive to glue them together.  When this is dry paint over with clear varnish and voila your very own customised name tag.

Types of Anchor Scrapbook Paper

There is a wide variety of anchor designs to choose from here is just a selection:

  1. Repetitive anchors – just like it says this is a repetitive design that displays many anchors in a lined up formation.
  2. Sporadic anchors – this design is more spread out and random yet just as effective.
  3. Nautical images – this is a mixture of anchors and other sea faring images.

You can find all of these designs on

How to Make an Easy Handmade Babies Mobile out of Anchor Scrapbook Paper

You will need

  1. Anchor Scrapbook paper
  2. String
  3. Scissors
  4. A hanging hook

Cut out the initials of your babies name with the paper.  Thread your string through the letters and hang by attaching to the hook which is then attached to the ceiling creating a lovely yet simple hanging mobile.

With this handy list of ideas I see no reason why at least one room in your home should not be nautical this season.  So give it a try I`m sure you will be happy with where your imagination takes you.

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