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6 of the Bestselling Watercolor Paper

6 of the Bestselling Watercolor Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Watercolor paper is something that many arts and crafts fans have always loved to work with. You can create so many beautiful party invitations, greeting cards, book crafts, bookmarks and more. Watercolor paper is great for vintage crafts, fun crafts and craft projects for kids too. It has been a popular paper for as long as we can remember and will continue to be a popular paper for many more years. We have listed six of our bestselling watercolor paper for you to use for your arts and crafts project.


Aztec Watercolor Paper

The Aztec watercolor paper is one of our favourites not only because of its unique colors but because of its unique patterns too. There are twelve different papers in this watercolor collection including a shell stamp pattern, zigzag lined pattern, chevrons and diamond shaped patterns. You could create a really cool wall art gallery with the papers in this collection and it will look luxurious because of the mix of delicious colors.

Watercolor Paper Effects

This watercolor paper collection has twenty six papers in total all of which are plain watercolors but in different colors. Colors include shades of pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and more. The collection has every color under the rainbow. You will be able to create a range of crafts with this collection because of its range of colours including really cute party invitations which you could create by using Photoshop to add the watercolor paper as the background to your party invite.

Watercolor Paper Stripes

This watercolor paper collection has twelve papers in its collection which all have a gold coloured watercolor background with each paper having different colored diagonal stripes. Striped colours include gold, pink, red, blue, orange and more. All the papers in this collection will look great as gift wrap which will save you a lot of money on buying gift wrap for each and every birthday each and every year. You could also make matching gift tags for your gift wrap by downloading a clipart label and using Photoshop and the marquee tool to transfer the watercolor background to the label, print, punch a hole at the top of the label and loop some twine through it.

Watercolor Paper Textures

This collection of watercolor paper is very similar to the watercolour effects collection however with this one; the colors are more bold and powerful. The collection has twenty six papers in its range including shades of pink, grey, orange, green, yellow and more. Whatever color you have in mind, this collection has it. You could make a great wall art piece with all the papers in this collection by cutting triangular shapes out of each color and sticking them to a canvas or frame to create a very artsy and fun wall art.

Watercolor Paper

The watercolor paper collection has colors in its range including an unusual black, beautiful maroon, flirty lilac, deep sea blue and more. There are twenty fours papers in the collection which you can use time and time again to create a wide variety of craft projects. A great idea you can do it to create watercolor hearts to add to your invitations, cards, furniture or scrapbooks. To do this, download a heart clipart and use Photoshop to add the watercolor paper as the background of the heart. You can then print these out in batches for whatever craft project you have in mind.

Watercolor Paper Quatrefoil

This is a very unusual but fun watercolor paper collection range with five collections in its range. Each collection has a massive 30 watercolor papers in which you can use over again. The different collections include grungy watercolors, shades of green, shades of pink and shades of purple. Because of its pattern, these papers would like great to revamp old chest of drawers or bedside tables. You could either cover the drawers or the table surface with watercolor paper to give it a new lease of life.

There you have it, our bestselling watercolor paper collections for you to download and get crafting. You will be able to find all the watercolor papers mentioned in this blog post on the website.

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