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Top 9 Digital Floral Papers

Top 9 Digital Floral Papers

Posted by Olivia Sum on

You can never go wrong with adding beautiful floral papers to your scrapbooks, greeting cards, gift tags and even for home décor projects. Floral patterns can add femininity to any craft or room and can be made to look vintage, shabby chic, modern or fun. No matter what craft you are doing or what style you want to create, we have many floral paper collections to choose from to suit all.

Let’s begin our list of some of the most popular floral paper collections currently available.


Chic Floral Papers

There are 12 floral papers in this collection including blue and white floral pattern, a stunning red poppy floral pattern, a really cute pink and cream floral pattern and more. You will be able to create a lot of lovely vintage looking projects with this collection.

Fall Floral Papers

All of the papers in this collection carry a Fall theme and will be great to use for gift wrap, gift tags or greeting cards during the Fall season. There are 12 floral papers in total with all of them having bold floral patterns and beautiful striking colours.

Floral Papers

There are three collections in this range, each containing 12 floral papers of different hues. One collection has hues of pink and yellow, another has hues of green and blue, and the last has hues of blue and purple.

Floral Papers Paisley

This collection is jam-packed with beautiful floral papers including a red and gold floral pattern, a subtle yet powerful yellow floral pattern, a simplistic yet bold white and black floral pattern, plus others. You can create some great scrapbook layouts with the papers in this collection.

Floral Papers Pattern

This collection is less about creating a floral background and more about creating a pattern background made with flowers. There is a really sweet white paper with green leaves on and another with a brown background and little red and pink flowers dotted around it that will look amazing on your project.

Floral Papers Prints

This collection is part of another range with five floral papers collections in its range. The five collections contain printed floral patterns rather than flowers and come in hues of yellow, orange, green, blue and pink. There is a beautiful ornate floral pattern in each colour available that will look amazing as part of a decorative wall art gallery.

Floral Papers Spring Flowers

Spring flowers are most people’s favourites as it is a sign that the sun is finally coming out to play after a cold winter. The floral papers in this collection will certainly capture that feeling so will make a great background for memory books.

Floral Papers Stripes

This collection has really unique floral papers in a rainbow of colours including pink, blue, orange, red and more. There are roses printed across the paper in the same colour as the background with stripes running through them.


Floral Papers Swirls

The floral papers in this collection all have a hue of green but have 12 different floral patterns to choose from. They give off a really fresh feeling but almost whimsical too with the very detailed floral patterns.

There you have it… our top 9 floral papers which we are sure you will love too. All the papers mentioned in this blog post can be found on the website as well as many more floral papers.

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