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6 Enchanting Ideas for Clipart Frames High Resolution

6 Enchanting Ideas for Clipart Frames High Resolution

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Clipart frames high resolution can have a powerful impact on scrapbooks and displays. They are a perfect finishing touch to define your artwork and bring the whole design together. Using clipart in high resolution is important as the effect will be far truer than a low resolutions frame. We have put together some scenarios of where adding a clipart frame will bring your craft project to a whole new level of awesome.


Difference between Frames High Resolution and Low Resolution

Think of high resolution and low resolution as HD TV and TV from the early 90’s. Frames high resolution will give you a crisper and clearer frame to work with than a low resolution frame would. What makes the high resolution and low resolution different is the amount of pixels used to create the frame. The higher the pixel amount, the higher the resolution and the better quality of image you get.

Frames High Resolution: The Scrapbook Family Tree

The family tree scrapbook will make a perfect gift for a loved one or even to do for yourself to hang on the wall. You can add bright coloured gradient background such as green and blue (for the grass and sky) and have bold colours and patterns for the leaves. You can then add a deep blue frame in high resolution with white polka dots and perhaps another high resolution frame within that such as multi-coloured heart frame to give it even more depth.

Frames High Resolution: Day at the Beach Display

You can get fence like frames in high resolution to add to your display with a beach texture for the background and use coloured pins to pin your beach day photos to it and hang up on the wall or place on a shelf. You can add some clipart images too such as boats and bunting to inject some fun and colour.

Frames High Resolution: Baby’s First Year Scrapbook

Whether you want blue for a boy, pink for a girl or neutral colours for your new born, there are frames high resolution to suite them all. A nice touch to your scrapbook might be to add circle patterned frames in different sizes to create a bubble effect on pages. This will look really cute and stand out when placing photos inside the bubbles.

Frames High Resolution: Around The World Display

If you have travelled, you will surely want to boast of all the locations you have been and to remind yourself of your great adventure. It will also be a great talking point if you have guests over. If you have a giant world map to hang on the wall and have pinned all your photos and labels to the places you have been, adding frames in high resolution will make it stand out even more. Using an old paper, newspaper or rustic map frame would really do the trick.

Frames High Resolution: Our First Christmas Together Scrapbook

Everyone loves to make a Christmas scrapbook especially when it is a special Christmas such as your first as a couple or as a family. There are so many frames in high resolution that you can choose from for your Christmas scrapbook such as a snowflake frame, wreath frame,  green and red polka dot frame, Christmas lights frame and more.

Frames High Resolution: The Big Wedding Day Scrapbook

Everyone wants to cherish their special day forever which is why wedding scrapbooks are highly important. There are some beautiful and romantic frames high resolution you can use for your wedding scrapbook such as lace frames, paper punch frames, floral frames, pearl frames and more. The hardest part is choosing one because they are all so beautiful.

Whatever frame you decide to use for your project, make sure it is in high resolution so you get that professional finished look.

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