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Scrapbooking using Leaf Scrapbook Paper

Scrapbooking using Leaf Scrapbook Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

                Leaf scrapbook paper comes in a wide range of styles. You can find a range of different leaves from a range of trees, each one expressing their own sense of emotion. Your choice of themes and motifs can be a great way to pinpoint the time of year and sense of emotion that you may have been feeling at the time the photos were taken. These all tie together to create a unique theme that can be solidly displayed throughout your scrapbook. Leaf scrapbook paper can be found in different colors, from fall oranges to lush greens, and are more than capable of creating the perfect backdrop to your scrapbook images.


Leaf Scrapbook Paper Themes

                Depending on your region, you may experience a variety of changes in nature. Cooling winds and color changes are typical in many areas, though not all places see their leaves change colors. If you happen to be in an area that has leaves changing colors throughout the fall season, you can incorporate that transformation into your scrapbooking using leaf scrapbook paper and a few other supplies.

You can make a perfect background using a giant, colorful leaf that uses a color that is displayed in your fall photos. You can emboss the leaf with words such as ‘fall’ and ‘play’ and other activities that may express your photos better. Show off your sense of style with other accents, such as smaller leaf clusters and decals.

                Combine two motifs together to create a whole new feel. You can pair leaf scrapbook paper with pumpkin embellishments to create a trick-or-treat kind of feel, or the atmosphere of an approaching candy-filled holiday. Use a vibrant orange for the pumpkin, and some lighter shades of reds and oranges in the background for the leaf scrapbook paper.

Try to maintain the pumpkin and leaf theme throughout the page, using different size pumpkin die cuts to create borders and direct the attention toward the most important highlights of the page. Layer different shades of leaf scrapbook paper to create a dynamic backdrop that can lead the viewer’s attention toward the prime exhibit of the page: the photos!

How to Prepare Your Layout

                Choose leaf scrapbook paper in shades that will compliment your photos in the way that you want them to. You can find a range of scales and densities when it comes to leaf scrapbook paper as well! Many scrappers find it easier to work with pre-packaged scrapbook papers as they are all the same size and known to coordinate with one another well.

                Create your background using the leaf scrapbook paper as basis, though you’re free to use a solid or patterned paper for the base. Use another type of paper to create blocks and spaces for the photos to be placed down. Take your time and plan it out. Leave spaces for journaling if you enjoy including a journaling aspect of your scrapbooking. As you set out the layout, consider placements for embellishment and other accents, such as strips of paper and borders.

                Attach your photos to the spaces you had planned out! Before you glue them down, arrange them a few times until you find the perfect placement for the main focal point picture. You can use visuals to define the direction toward the main photo using leaf scrapbook paper or other imagery in a way that creates a sense of motion and movement.

                If you’ve left a spot for journaling, you can ink in your personal thoughts or story. Your photos may tell a majority of it, but words can complete a full memory in a way that tells the whole story. You can do simple notes, such as quotes from the day, ages or the date, or you can go into great detail and share all you wish.

                Place your embellishments and accents down. You can choose leaf-like decorations that are not only inexpensive, but add style, dimension and textures to your page. By appealing to as many senses as possible, from textile to emotion to visual, you can ensure that no memory is lost. Scrapbook decorations can include a wide range of items, from die cuts to felt to fussy cuts. You can create a fall feel to tie your leaf scrapbook paper together by making acorns and pine leaf embellishments out of felt.

                Leaf scrapbook paper has a lot of flexibility. There are leaves almost all year round, and many scrappers enjoy using nature-inspired themes and designs in their art.

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