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Leaf Paper Motifs for Scrapbook Pages

Leaf Paper Motifs for Scrapbook Pages

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Leaves are symbols that work for a wide range of ideas and concepts. There are four-leaf clovers, which symbolize luck, and different types of leaves can mean different things. Typically, however, leaves symbolize change, movement, growth and life. Of course, in many cases, they can simply represent the fall seasons, invoking feeling of warm fires, jack-o-lanterns and gratitude.

You can find leaf paper in a wide range of colors, including yellow and orange hues and earthy browns and reds. You can use leaf pattern papers, as well as leaf paper motifs to create an overall leaf theme for your scrapbook.


10 Leaf Paper Strategies and Ideas

Create a playful and fun look by pairing light colored leaf paper with vibrant shades of purples and greens and blues to create a fun, playful look. Sprinkle leaves across the layout in colors that are seen in the photos you plan to use, which creates a wonderful backdrop while reinforcing the overall tone of the photos.

Use leaf paper to mimic movement and direction, creating an overall flow with the leaf elements of your page. You can use leaf and stem shapes to develop an intricate border around your photos using choice nature-inspired elements to direct the eye toward the most important photos of the page.

Create clusters of leaf paper. Leaf clusters bring dimension, substance and interest to the page, as well as to the other elements on the page. Bunches of leaves create a flourishing effect that helps to develop a dynamic backdrop for other elemental clusters. You can incorporate cluster elements in corners that will add dimension to other clustered embellishments, such as lettering, ribbons or other motifs.

Bring dimension and depth to your layout by stacking leaf paper. Create texture for your leaf paper by crumpling the leaves that you add to your page. These natural embellishments are perfect for floral pieces, as well as to fall pages that may follow the theme of falling leaves. Crumpled leaves adds weight to the other embellishments while providing an interesting textile effect.

You can use leaf masks to create interesting spray mist patterns. It allows you to provide added decoration and color without losing out on journaling space or textures. You can use the strategy to develop interesting attributes, a dynamic backdrop and a really artsy look all around! Pair the leaf masks with leaf pattern paper to create a super textured, leaf themed scrapbook page!

Choose patterned paper that has leaves. You can find vintage, colorful and intricate leaf paper that can set the perfect tone for your photos. One may use a nature inspired paper for a newborn child, or to develop the basis for change and transformation in an “over the years” type of scrapbook.

You can use leaf brushes to create a backdrop in layers that can relax and soften the layout while strengthening the presence of the layering and imagery. Pair soft muted backdrops with prominent layers and a leaf paper brush for a relaxed, yet powerful scrapbook page.

Use leaf paper to create an outline of leaves. You can give your scrapbook layout a charming look while creating a sense of flow. Using repeating patterns, such as pairing leaf that has the same shapes and stem colors as your photos, can create a sense of motion and create a polished look to the page. You can use it to accent your journaling as well!

Leaf paper can be used to reinforce your theme, convey emotion or display movement. You can use it to remind viewers of the time frame that your layout is meant for, such as returning to school, as well as the overall theme, such as transformation. You can often accomplish both for the same image using a recurring reinforcement of leaf paper.

Get a vintage look by cutting leaves from ledger paper, book pages, cardboard or sewing patterns. Vintage-style leaf paper is a great way to reinforce a vintage theme. Embellishments and decorations like these are perfect for collage or heirloom style layouts. Create a subdued, elegant and simple feel to your leaf paper by incorporating a vintage theme.

Scrapbooking Suggestions

Leaf paper is a great way to incorporate nature into your scrapbooking. You can use nature-themed brushes and die cuts to enhance your photos while strengthening your theme. Develop texture and emotion to give viewers a deeper look into the time frame, the emotion and the sense of being that you may have experienced at that time.

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