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Choosing the Daisy Scrapbook Paper for Your Scrapbook

Choosing the Daisy Scrapbook Paper for Your Scrapbook

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Floral prints can be delicate or bold, and a personal favorite is the daisy scrapbook paper. One can create their own daisy scrapbook paper or buy them at most stores and online. Daisies bring a feel to the story in your scrapbook that can only be described as soft and innocent, so it works great for baby or family scrapbooks. You can choose the perfect daisy scrapbook paper for you by taking into consideration a few different features.


Selecting your Daisy Scrapbook Paper

Depending on the overall story, you might want a whimsical tone or a more romantic one. Other scrapbooks may call for a fast-paced tone, or a playful one. One of the first things to consider when attempting to choose your scrapbook paper is to consider the type of story you are telling and what you want to convey to anyone who may look through it. Whimsical tones can be created with soft colors of green and yellow. You can mix these with brighter prints in strips or squares to create borders around your photos.

You can create a more modern look by using large, simple daisy scrapbook paper. You can create a clean, modern look using bold blocks of the pattern and mixing them with a calmer border scrapbook paper. These sophisticated looks are perfect for those who want to create a more serious story of their life.

Big and bold creates a modern appearance, while smaller, more neutral colors present a more serious look and feel. You can find white-on-black daisy scrapbook paper to create contrast on the page with a series of different photos. The style works well for a wide variety of scrapbook topics, and creates a beautiful design. Pair it with stencils and other prints to create a serious-toned scrapbook that will wow people for ages.

Some scrapbook papers deliver a decidedly vintage feel to the page, and are typically put onto older materials, such as upholstery or drapes. They are typically done in a repeating design with sparsely placed designs. Perfect for traditionalists, you can retain the feel of the older scrapbooks, which contained a variety of different images, borders and backgrounds of things found about the house.

Perhaps, however, the safest scrapbook paper choice is a tone-on-tone daisy scrapbook paper, particularly for larger pattern papers. Placing light floral on light floral can create a clean, linear design that wraps together in a layout. You can choose to use brighter tones for a page that pops.

Suggestions to Jazz Up Your Daisy Scrapbook Paper

You can give your scrapbook even more form using accessories or other accents. You can use them to enhance a particular page, or to form additional borders. One good choice is to use fussy cut flowers with a variety of different patterns to create embellishments around the scrapbook content.

It can add to the feel for a wide variety of different themes. If you are creating a scrapbook of your athletic son, for example, you can place embellishments of the different activities around the images in the pages. If you’re creating a girly girl theme for your princess, you can embellish the daisy scrapbook paper to enhance the pretty feel.

Combining the daisy scrapbook paper with commonly colored plain paper can bring on an entirely different feel. Neutral colors seem to be an overall favorite among scrapbookers, however even brightly colored papers can enhance the appearance greatly. Mixing different prints can bring on balance for the scrapbook that enhances the accents, theme and overall feel of the scrapbook.

To choose the best scrapbook for you, consider the colors, sizes and ideas behind your chosen scrapbook paper, and determine what would best suit those answers. If you have a neutral background and paper, select accents in colors that pop or consider using patterned papers. Create a form of balance in the sheets using matching motifs. For those who love the crowded feel of an overfilled scrapbook, you can recreate that without the disorder by using repeating patterns and crosshatches to layer different images across one another.

Scrapbooking is a creatively driven hobby that allows you the freedom to create your scrapbook in the exact way that you want. Choosing your paper patterns, colors and other aspects of the scrapbook isn’t difficult, though matching them can prove to be a challenge! You can make a beautiful scrapbook in no time by following the advice outlined in the above article. Bring your scrapbook to life through your selections.

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