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How to find a scrapbooking style

How to find a scrapbooking style

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On the internet today there are so many blogs that show different layouts, themes and styles such as shabby chic blogs, retro ideas, old-fashioned and modern themes as well as inspiration from all over the world.

Flip through a scrapbooking magazine and you’ll see a variety of different scrapbook styles. Some layouts will look sparkling and simple; others will be coated with patterned papers and accompaniments. Some might have a jazzy, retro look while others look vintage and old-fashioned. With all the miscellaneous looks you’ll find in a single magazine, what’s the one thing they have in common? It’s certain scrapbooking flair.




What is Scrapbooking Style?



What do we mean by “scrapbooking style”? It’s merely the fashion of the page. It’s the look, the feel and the mood. It might be clean and simple, or rhythmic, romantic or chic.

So, what are some diverse types of scrapbooking styles? Let’s take a look at a few of the most widespread:

Classic/Clean & Simple: Think uncluttered. Normally the photos are cut into squares or rectangles, and placed on solid paper backgrounds or papers with tried-and-true patterns like stripes, plaids, dots or flowers. Trimmings are kept to a minimum, but used efficiently—a few brads, maybe, or a metal clip at the corner of the photo. You’ll find modern colours like red, blue, yellow and green.

The photo and journaling stand out; frequently, there’s only one photo, and it’s a very huge element on the page. The spotless, simple background is great for photos with lots of colour and images. It’s ideal for kid’s photos and official portraits like weddings and anniversaries. It’s also a pleasant option for when you just don’t know what style to use!


Ephemera: This is the polar differing from our Classic/Clean & Simple look. These pages are varied and combine lots of diverse products, often organized in a collage style. Papers are elaborately patterned, and usually the page will chain two or more decorative papers (often in darker colours like brown, grey and black), and other metal accompaniments like brads and clips.

You’ll see assorted fonts and lots of journaling. Fundamentals are placed at an angle or overlying. It’s not a messy look—it’s one that’s loaded with lots of texture, colour and attention. It’s impeccable for masculine photos, heritage pictures and travel pages. Black and white photos also look prodigious with this style.



Vintage/Romantic/Shabby Chic: A close cousin to the Ephemera style, this look pools patterned papers and uses lots of embellishments, but also skins lighter colours like pale pink, dusty mauve and light blue. It’s a threadbare, well-loved look, often counting torn paper, inked edges and doodled paper.

You might also find trappings that look as though they’re straight from your grandmother’s sewing box: Buttons, thread, metal accents and ribbons or fibre. Think of those wrought-iron beds presented in home decorating magazines and you’ll know what I mean. Use this style for any ladylike pages, particularly heritage. It’s also a great look for travel and holiday pages.

Retro: Retro is a burning style right now, in just about everything from notepaper and gifts to scrapbooking. While “retro” means altered things for people of different ages, it’s really evocative of the styles from the 1950's through the 1970's.

You’ll find lots of pink and black, pink and brown and blue and brown colour combinations, plus cool images and silhouettes like twists and big flowers. Whether or not you liked it the first time around, the look is much more modern now—and teens and kids love it.


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