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The Great things to do with Vintage Maps Digital Papers

The Great things to do with Vintage Maps Digital Papers

Posted by Olivia Sum on

With such an array of choice and colours of digital papers available on the market today it’s a great possibility that you can get confused when choosing the right theme, colour and design. has a great variety of packs of digital papers to use and all at a great price. The Vintage Maps collection is probably one of the favourite and unique yet.


Medieval Parchment

The medieval parchment collection is an array of rustic, earth-like warm tones with of course the countries etched onto its design. The pack of five papers each 12” by 12” will brighten up any digital scrapbooking task. These digital papers have an antique feel and look about them and can really bring some depth into your creative tasks.

The detailed lines and borders really show the world in a medieval way and it’s even printed with wording on it which gives it an intricate and elegant feel when looking at it. You could simply get lost in these creative designs.


Vintage Maps Collection

Again these design packs come in 12” by 12” squares and are slightly varied to the medieval parchment series. These intricate designs are different in the way they have a modern yet antique feel about them and are basically designed onto tea-stained paper. These colours and tones are basically grey, brown and earth tones with a slash of either blue or green to make them stand out. These designs conclude just as much wording and detail and each is a separate view of each continent. For example Asia is grey and black with a small detailed label on the edge, Africa is a brown and orange tone with a quaint picture of an Egyptian Pharaoh planted at the bottom. Depending on your task at hand these are worth having in your digital designs collection because somewhere along the line they will come handy.


Vintage Map Designs and their Uses

There are so many creative ideas that you can put into action with these stunning designs. Additionally at the price they are its worth just storing them somewhere on your hard drive until you find the inspiration you need!

Some of the top projects that are showed around the web involving these beautiful designs are literally ranged from scrapbooking to wall art. The most favourite of course is scrapbooking whether it is online or in a book you can feel and touch. It’s a great way to show off some of your best and most unforgettable memories in a traditional yet unique way. It’s a perfect way to show that you went and backpacked across China before doing a safari in Africa! You can print them off and even use them in frames blended in with your top holiday shots.

Don’t forget the best thing to do with these though – make an invitation or a card to take that someone special on holiday with you! The web and technology isn’t about simple clipboards anymore – now with these amazing designs you can create true pieces of artwork on your computer.

Use one digital design separate or even merge them all together to create unique designs and pieces of artwork that everyone will be jealous of. If you use digital design papers for your business then these are really great to have. Their wonderful colours and truly intricate designs are something that you can’t whip up on your paint program!

Try them out today – for the simple price they are going for – you won’t be sorry! Store them in a safe place and when the light bulb switches on your will have them right where you need them!


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