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Scrapbook Pages All About You

Scrapbook Pages All About You

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Digital scrapbooking sites are literally all over the web. Today you can find everything you need in simple online stores for your digital or traditional scrapbook. One thing that people look for most of the time is inspiration and ideas that will make your scrapbook project unique. Here is a theme to think about: you.

If somebody were to ask you what your much-loved subject for scrapbooking is, likelihoods are that you wouldn't say yourself, right?  Most of us don't appreciate writing about ourselves, and we don't typically show up in our scrapbook.  Well, it's time to change that typically scrapbook stereotype saying.

Why don’t you dig out your timeworn childhood photos and take this voyage of self-reflection and record your own individual past with everyone. Below there is a comprised list of 52 layout suggestions to get you beginning on your next project. You can select any or all of them. You might even give yourself a task to complete one design a week, so that you will have a completed album by this time next year.

52 Pages All About You

  • The day you were born
  • The place you were born
  • Baby picture of you
  • Your mother
  • Your father
  • Your siblings
  • Your grandparent(s)
  • School photos
  • Childhood friends
  • Memorable or favourite teachers
  • Favourite toy
  • Childhood pet
  • High school photos
  • High school friends
  • College photos
  • College friends
  • Past hair styles
  • Past fashion trends
  • Your first car
  • Wedding/boyfriend photos
  • Honeymoon/vacation photos
  • Your best friend
  • Guilty pleasures
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Hobbies
  • Books
  • Children/family
  • Home
  • Talents/skills
  • Thing you like best about yourself
  • Thing you like least about yourself
  • Goals you have for yourself
  • Favourite photos
  • Favourite foods
  • A day in your life
  • Holiday memories past
  • Holiday memories present
  • Favourite place to visit
  • Places you'd like to visit
  • Collections
  • Birthday photos
  • Your proudest moment
  • Your most embarrassing moment
  • Something you couldn't live without
  • Something you've always wanted but haven't gotten yet
  • The best present you've ever received
  • The best gift you've ever given
  • The biggest obstacle you've overcome in your life
  • The happiest moment in your life
  • The saddest moment in your life
  • A day you'll never forget

Along with each page include fun and hilarious photos that will have everyone laughing. Write down your quotes that gave you strength throughout your life, add in some interesting dates and times if you can remember them and alongside beautiful colours and backgrounds it will become an interesting and unique scrapbook.

With these 52 ideas for your scrapbook you can also include some mini-scrapbooks within your overall scrapbook – they can have some more pictures and saying, include other people and places surrounding that day or event. It’s all about being creative and showing off everything good and bad about life and how it has made you the person you are today.


The layouts in your album can be in no specific order.  Scrapbook whatever photos stimulate you at that moment.  Use a 12" x 12" format which is easier, but this project can effortlessly be modified to any size or format you like.

You can include both single and double-page layouts. Some of the designs might not embrace photos, because there are some memories you might want to include for which you don't have any photographs. Don't let missing photos stop you from writing about things that are central to you and your life though.

In the end, you'll have an irreplaceable album full of your recollections that will be cherished, not only by you, but also for your children and grandchildren and other close family members. If you aren’t ready to show it to your loved ones, showcase it on a forum and get strangers opinions first.

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