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Buying Digital Designs for your Scrapbook

Buying Digital Designs for your Scrapbook

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If you’re starting to design and create your digital scrapbook then the first thing to invest in is digital designed paper packs and kits. To truly make a scrapbook unique and individual which shows off your personality and your character as well as those amazing events and memories which you want to put to paper, or literally, put digitally.

Digital designs are basically scrapbook paper but in a digital format which you buy and download, you can merge them, cut them, blend them and use them over and over again. There is a huge variety to choose from, sizes, shapes, colours and themes so it really can get a little overwhelming. Most sites offer freebies but because they are free they aren’t all that unique. A lot of sites offer one-off designs but they are more expensive and the honest truth is they probably aren’t all that one-off.


The Top Site to Buy From

There really is a huge choice of shops to buy from but the most varied and the best in price is

Their shop online is easy to use and their layout is basically fool proof. They have sections where everything is separate, Disney, vintage, bundles, shop, collections and digital papers. Underneath those sections you can choose from the hundreds of themes they offer such as brick, candy, cowboy, Kraft, owl, princess, maps, music, glitter, vintage, metallic, glitter, country, polka dots, tribal, valentine, rainbow and many, many other unique and awesome papers.

Each pack comes in four or five separate designs and 12” by 12” in size. You buy and download; it’s as simple as that. To top it all off they have a bundles deal section, an about page, an FAQ page and a blog so you can keep up with all the trends. Sign up for the newsletter and get all of the best deals sent right to your email.

All these amazing designs are great value for money and they are all so eye-catching and inspiring it’s hard not to fill up your shopping cart!


How to Choose the Right Design


Even though these digital designs can be used for numerous art and craft projects; scrapbooking is the top use on the list of buyers. Their fancy designs make it possible to mix five different themes on one page of your scrapbook giving it a great effect.

If you are thinking of doing a layout which shows your recent fun, memorable family holiday then take a look at the acorns and leaves collection. There are several different packs available in this type and the colours range from earthy browns and greens to blues, reds and oranges. They can provide a great backdrop to that camping outing which will frame that family picture perfectly on your holiday pages.

If one of your scrapbook pages is a theme to your special someone then of course you need a romantic backdrop. The romance, love and affection packages are perfect and will do just the trick. Red, purple and pink designs adorned with hearts, lips, flowers and stripes will put love onto the page without saying anything. Maybe you want to safe-keep that special moment you met your other half or maybe you want to remember a funny date or a special time you spent together. These designs will do just that and will fit perfectly in the ‘love’ section of your scrapbook.

If you are thinking of doing your scrapbook in one whole theme then the vintage collection is huge and you can use the same ‘theme’ but in a variation of colours and elements. These show off subtly pretty patterns on pastel and modest colours that aren’t too much in your face.


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