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Shabby Chic Floral

Shabby Chic Floral

Posted by Olivia Sum on

What is Shabby Chic


Shabby Chic is a term that was first used in the early eighties, a designer called Rachel Ashwell used it to describe her style and as it became a lot more popular in the very late eighties she decided to use it as her business and trademarked it. There are many different types of design patterns that are used to create this look –Shabby Chic Floral being just one of them. Vintage or distressed pieces of furniture are coated with modern paints and combined with new pieces to create this old fashioned, antiquated and yet amazingly contemporary appearance. The fabrics and paper used to create this stunning stylishness are adorned with pretty flowers in lovely pastel shades, although predominantly dated looking they work surprisingly well in a modern home.

How can I achieve the Shabby Chic Floral look?

You are sure to gain plenty of enjoyment while creating this charming shabby chic look using a selection of floral papers and textiles. Whilst being great fun it has the added attraction of being quite inexpensive. You could transform a room very easily by combining principally old and maybe one new piece of furniture and some sweet shabby chic floral paper to produce the perfect style you are looking for. A bedroom is an ideal choice for a project like this, you could buy a tasteful looking white dressing table to start and use your lovely floral textiles to build around it. Pastel pinks, sky blues and gorgeous ivories and creams look especially effective when creating a shabby chic mood and there is a huge array to choose from. To help you decide, just visit our website at where you will find a vast selection of floral paper which you can use for another craft called Decoupage.

Shabby Chic Floral Decoupage

Decoupage is the fabulous art of decorating with paper and was first used by the Victorians to decorate objects of all kinds. This is so easy to do, you just need to paste the paper, fix it on to the object that you want to decorate and then simply glaze it. Remember to create this look it is not only small objects that you can decorate – pieces of furniture also look fantastic when treated this way, an old chest of drawers or bedside table will be completely transformed when painted and then papered. Picture and mirror frames can be dressed, another lovely thing to do is decorate a worn lamp-shade, when embellished with your beautiful floral paper your lamp will be rejuvenated. A fantastic way of adding to your gorgeous theme is by using some of your shabby chic floral design paper to trim some glassware; by grouping different size and various shaped glasses together you will achieve the strongest impact. Remember that there is an extensive range in our beautiful shabby chic floral paper design in many colours and patterns to help you create your splendid room, just visit our website at

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