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Designing for all needs using scrapbook paper wood

Designing for all needs using scrapbook paper wood

Posted by Olivia Sum on

The neutral wood texture goes with almost any preferred design. From a vintage touch to the current trendy look, scrapbook paper wood can solve a lot of design headaches. Its flexible use enables it to be creatively used as an embellishment, in lettering, in texturing as well as framing.

Creating layouts for photographs using scrapbook paper wood.


Creating layouts for photographs using scrapbook paper wood

If you have to create layout for a portrait photo, follow the simple steps to come up with an effective design that looks sleek and trendy. Select the colour of the dress worn in the photograph and pair it with wood grain. Green is easily matched with wood grain. Embellish the same with shirt buttons of a lighter shade of the same colour. The layout will have its own depth and appeal. Also if you are adding text to balance the photograph use lighter colours preferably white.

1. Use a patterned paper

If the requirement is a layout for outdoor scenery/setting, use a patterned paper.  Make sure to keep your embellishments to a minimum. Let the bright colours of the outdoor setting compliment with the bright colours of the patterned paper. Wood grain helps in adding a touch of the outdoor environment – it adds a layer of intimacy to the photographs by automatically transporting you to the same situation and place where the photo was taken.

2. Add in cohesiveness

You want to use patterned fringes for pasting your photographs. Go ahead with scrapbook paper wood. It contrasts the bold feel of the bright colours. It adds cohesiveness to the different layers of colours by toning down the bright feel and look. The layout doesn’t look flashy anymore and looks like a well finished product.

3. Reduce the flashy colours

In many occasions, wood grain matting can be all it takes to come up with a great design. It has an effect of reducing the effect of flashy colours owing to which, the attention of the viewer is on the photograph and not on the layout.

The layout for the traditional family album with the family tree needs to be done on a background of wood grain if possible. This adds the much needed vintage essence.

Creating layouts for cards using scrapbook paper wood

Paper wood can be used for effective lettering in cards and on walls. Any shape pasted onto scrapbook paper wood will seem to pop out and design savvy. If the shapes are bright coloured, the wood grain can add more value to the shapes. Graduation cards can go well with wood grain because it would give a feel of nostalgia.

Cards with themes of summer and autumn will have an extra appeal with a wooden touch. It can be as simple as a wooden button or a wooden sun. In cards, bordering becomes very important to get the right look and at times, all that’s missing from a great card layout is a scrapbook paper wood. As a border, it usually stitches all the elements together and limits the off-screen space to what exists in the photo. If you are using a watercolour background, also allow a portion of the background to have a wood texture. It might help in coordinating the colour scheme.

Use Scrapbook Paper wood for all your craft needs

Scrapbook paper wood is a must have for any crafts related work. It’s tough to go wrong or regret when using scrapbook paper wood. Almost all the times, it adds its essence of art to all layouts and designs.

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