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Add life to your wall using brick design paper

Add life to your wall using brick design paper

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Maybe it’s that time of the year when you are planning to renovate your residence. Is it because you are tired of watching the same walls again and again? Or is it because it is that time of the year when the paint slowly wears off, and you start seeing patches of distemper on your wall. The painting might be one option.

But to breathe life into the wall, you might also like to consider brick design wallpaper. Brick design paper can effectively solve all the renovation issues of your living apartment. Brick design paper is a modern interior design trend and brings along with it an antique essence. Its unique appeal is in the fact that it suits almost all the renovation ideas that you might have:


  1. Decoration patterns: All types of decoration patterns can be creatively used with the brick design paper. Floral wall designs and geometric embellishments can accentuate the difference brick design wallpaper makes.
  2. Interior decorating ideas: Brick design can complement the home furnishings. Also, if you are thinking of changing the lighting scheme of the house, it can be creatively done according to the colours and type of the brick design.
  3. A fresh look: Brick design gives a modern, fresh look and feels the residence.

Brick wall panels, brick tile designs can be juxtaposed with stone, glass panels, mosaic to design a new look. Wooden flooring would further accentuate the original look.

Jazz your brick design paper to create a sleek design

Brick design papers come in varying colours and varying types. It is important to understand the type of furnishing requirement.

  1. A natural essence: Use simple brick design paper and maintain a warm colour temperature. Your furnishing choices should be in warm colours (red preferably). Jazz it up with antique wooden furniture and wooden flooring. Have yellow light sources (avoid fluorescent light sources).
  2. A comfy bedroom: A peaceful and tranquil bedroom is what we all deserve. Use white brick design paper. Repaint the whole bedroom white. Furnish the bedroom with white bed sheets, peach stained mattresses, white and grey pillow covers, silver window panels and silver lampshades. Use floral pattern white curtains. The brick design adds a layer of royalty to your comfy white background.
  3. Rugged Kitchen: Create the feel of a rugged kitchen by using a weathered red brick design paper and splattering white paint on the same in parts. The best part is it is easy to install and is a quick solution to solve old kitchen wall problems.
  4. Basements: Give your basements a “brick structure” feel by using fadeless red brick design paper on all sides of the basement.

Brick design paper for other design ideas

Customize your bed sheet and pillow covers using trendy brick design ideas. You can also jazz your bulletin boards using brick design. It also finds uses in table skirting and lasts long. Who’s otherwise interested in going through dull bulletin boards? Maybe brick design will make them take notice of what you have to say.

Design’s most important element is rhythm. Brick design paper makes it possible to develop this rhythm by its repeating motif of bricks one after the other and this aspect helps it to associate itself with other design ideas and decorations. A brick design paper is affordable and is a quick fix solution to a lot of renovation that is required.

How do you want to use the brick design paper? Let us know the creative side to you. Explore your creativity with a brick design paper.

You can find many brick design paper on the website.

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