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Vamp Things Up With Your Striped Scrapbook Paper

Vamp Things Up With Your Striped Scrapbook Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Do you have your creative head on? Well if not pop it on because here you will find lots of arts and crafts ideas on what you can do with your striped scrapbook paper which you can find if you have a look on There are many choices of designs in every colour under the sun....well if not every colour very nearly! There are also many styles from horizontal or vertical to diagonal, I`m sure you will find a style that suits you.

Designing Pictures Using Your Striped Scrapbook Paper

I love the striking yellow colour in these pictures against the grey silhouette of the safari animals. Perfect for any child`s nursery. 

To make them simply stamp the chosen animal onto your striped scrapbook paper using safari cling stamps from Hero Arts. Put the pictures in the frames and hang, and that is all that is needed, two simple steps and you have some fabulous artwork for your children`s bedroom wall.

Customise Name Blocks For Your Childs Nursery With Striped Scrapbook Paper

You will need

  1. Striped scrapbook paper
  2. Wooden letters cut into your child`s initials
  3. Adhesive
  4. Clear varnish

Take your first letter and using the appropriate adhesive glue the striped scrapbook paper (which you will find at to it, taking care as you go for a neat finish make sure all the stripes face one way.  Do this for each of your letters and let them dry. When each of the letters is dried, paint over with your clear varnish for a long lasting effect. And that`s it, a wonderful set of name tags that will look fabulous in your child`s room.

Decoupage Furniture with Striped Scrapbook Paper

Looking around your child`s bedroom is it in need of an update, is the furniture looking a little dismal? Well I have the solution you need, how about vamping it up with the use of decoupage. Keep your theme going throughout your bedroom and update the base of lamps, light switches, cupboards, chest of drawers even your good old trustee guitar can be refreshed in this way. 

Go to to choose the design of your striped scrapbook paper. Then it`s just a case of using a good adhesive that is suitable for the materials you are using to glue your paper to the furniture. For example use wood glue for a kitchen cupboard.  When this is done and the glue is dry varnish your new improved furniture with some clear varnish for longevity.

Turn Your Striped Scrapbook Paper into Gift Wrap And Name Tags

It`s Christmas which goes hand in hand with gifts. Why not customise any gifts you buy this year with your own special gift wrap. This can be created by using your striped scrapbook paper. Don`t forget presents need gift tags too so make these by cutting your scrapbook paper into smaller shapes and covering and gluing over a little cardboard.

Now you have the ideas have a little fun and get started today.

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