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Tips to Going Retro with Polka Dots Pink and Black

Tips to Going Retro with Polka Dots Pink and Black

Posted by Olivia Sum on

If you thought pink polka dot on a black background is only good on lingerie, you couldn’t be more wrong! Pink polka dot on black paper is a great option for creating an amazing number of things.

What do you think of when you think of the colours pink and black? For most of us using polka dots, what comes to mind is organization and calmness of polka dots in the shape of a circle with space between them, coupled with the classiness of the colour black and the flashiness of the pink colour?  Hang them on your walls or just think of an even more innovative use for them – including even on dresses.  Polka dots can be used in amazingly creative ways.

Polka dots pink and black is a classy choice and can make any object or place look aesthetically more pleasing than before.


How can you use Polka Dots Pink and Black?

Consider wrapping Pink polka dot on black paper around wall-hangings such as the pictures of your children or their paintings. If the colour of your wall is such that it could match with either black or pink, for instance, if its black, pink, blue, white, grey or such other similar colour, a photo frame or a wall-hanging wrapped in Pink polka dot on black paper would add a lot of aesthetic value to it.

How to create a wall-hanging with pink polka dot on black paper

To do this, you need to decide what sort of a hanging object you want on your wall. This could be anything, ranging from a photo frame to a classy wall-hanging covered in Pink polka dot on black paper. If you want to hang a photo frame, this is simple. All you need to do is buy an inexpensive photo frame from the market and cover it up in Pink polka dot on black paper by using a strong adhesive. You might want to cover up the photo frame in cellophane paper to avoid any environmental damage. 

Using Polka Dots Pink and Black to create beautiful lampshades

Due to the darkness of the black colour, it makes an excellent choice to wrap around a lampshade as the colour of the light does not penetrate the paper and black reflects the light inside the lampshade to increase the luminosity of your room.

  1. To do this, you must first determine the shape of your lampshade.
  2. Simple use a strong adhesive and cut out the right size of Pink polka dot on black paper, wrap it around the lampshade.
  3. The combination of pink and black makes the lampshade will make your room look pretty and give it the appearance of a really organized and cute place.

Going Retro with Polka Dots Pink and Black

What is the one thing that comes to your mind when you think of polka dots pink and black paper?

One of the things that we can think of is the retro era when this combination was used quite frequently. You can use this combination of colours and especially the polka dots on the paper to give a lot of things around you a retro feel, for example, your bedpost or wallpaper or stationary.

Whatever you cover with Pink polka dot on black paper, you will realize that it will have a tinge of retro style to it. Being dark in colour, this paper does not easily get dirty from the environmental surroundings either and is easy to maintain.

How do you want to explore your creativity with polka dots pink and black paper? You will be able to find the polka dots pink and black paper on the website.

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